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Ponjos (#290462)

Account Created: November 08, 2004
Favorite Familiar: Lucky, the leprechaun.
Clan: The Dark Legends of Ragnarock
Title: A loyal leader indeed

I like being a heart/spade combo.

My Favorite Items:

Ah, the power of voodoo.The Voodoo Doll is one of my favorites because the description relates to my favorite movie, Labyrinth.

I like both The The Doppler Effect Doppelshifter and The Kid ChameleonComma Chameleon of these familiars because they are versatile. I enjoy using any item (or familiar) that has diverse features.

I also appreciate owning a Captain James S. Hook pirate hook. The pirate hook is a rare item which is simple and serves no purpose. That's what makes it a favorite of mine.

More items will be listed as I figure out how to use the wiki with skill.

Listening to the Radio:

  • My favorite Radio DJ's (listed randomly which ended up alphabetically) are Meranna, my friend Merik, and Mr Skullhead.
  • I also like other great DJ's such as ADeadHeart, Albassoon, Amplitude, and Fusilliban.
  • Lastly, I always listen to the radio every Monday night for Jick and Mr Skullhead (or Riff and Xenophobe).

Tid bits you may want to know about me:

  • I enjoy playing The Kingdom of Loathing casually.
  • Occasionally I may ascend when it's convenient.
  • I go both ways: Ascending Hardcore and Softcore. It all depends on what I feel like doing.
  • I don't mind giving assistance in a few of the smaller KoL wiki projects.

You can talk to me or check out my contributitions to the wiki.