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I'm Phlip (#509981). I used to have an account I made sometime mid-04, low 6-digit, or high 5-digit or so... but it got deleted for inactivity (over Crimbo no less). I've recovered since, and recently hit the 1-year mark with this account. I also have two multies, Leomard (#691804), my hardcore multi, and Banjulhu (#814773). Bonus "I don't care" points to anyone who can spot both references.

I'm still relatively new to KolWiki, but I've been a sysop on HRWiki for a while, so I know my way around a MediaWiki site.

My only real major contribution so far is {{moon}} (and helping a bit with the spading on Talk:Moons). I also made {{moonrow}} and its various support templates, which generate the table on Moons, with a heap of ParserFunctions usage to back them up. Unfortunately I'm not clever enough to have figured out the grimacite equipment formula (no matter how long I stared at it) but once Pcentella figured it out, I was all too happy to implement it... Also unfortunately, it was just way too complicated for the servers to handle, and slowed the site to a crawl... so it's gone now.