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Newbie at heart, yes,
Bumping into walls and doors,
But wise to the 'Net.

Ability: Attacks enemies

Hatchling: unknown

Familiar-Specific Equipment: pack-o'backy

The Cake-Shaped Arena: Strength: None, Weakness: None

Combat Messages
  • Regular message(s):
    • <name> blows a smoke ring at your opponent, making <him/her/it> cough for X damage.
    • <name> attempts to blow smoke rings at <him/her/it>, but has a coughing fit instead.
<name> casually rifles through your opponents wallet.
<name> floats 8 inches above the top of the maypole smiling serenely at you. Weird.
<name> blows out a long stream of smoke from between his wax lips.

Arena Messages

  • None - familiar cannot compete in the Arena.


  • When attempting to have this familiar battle in the Arena, Susie gives the message: "I don't think the fat bastard would be good for anything but target practice".
  • Occasionally drops a fag end or bottle of perry after non-combat adventures.
  • Currently on a mission.
  • Future plans include full plexiglass and stainless steel kits. Hey, after level 30 runs it should be easy.


  • There are some, but I'm not telling you.