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PhantomTrogdor, also known as "ThePhantomTrogdor", "Phantom", "Trogdor", "Troggie", "PT", and "That one loser who makes me want to kill people", is a player in the Kingdom Of Loathing. He is the leader of A Clan With No Name, and is quickly becoming one of the most hated creatures on the face of the earth.

He is the genius behind most of his clan's activities, especially the Create-An-Item Contest. He also generally has his hand in most other clan things, and runs a variety of other side-things, such as his artwork commissions. It is a mystery to most how he manages to find time for all this and still make appearances in his clan chat nearly all the time, but scientists have developed theories. One of which states that he is a creature from another dimension with superhuman abilities to do everything at once, while the other, more likely, one says that he simply has no life outside of the Kingdom.

He has many projects that he is working on. These include, at the moment:

The Clan's Create-An-Item Contest


A Bot With No Name (Getting the stashbot up and running)

Administrating the Clan Forums

Administrating the Clan Website

Making sure his clan runs smoothly

Collecting Deactivated MicroMechaMechs

Doing something on TheKolWiki other than sitting there...Not much to do.