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The Man of Our Time and Place

Peter North, eh? Everyone wants to know what's up with this colorful character.

Myths to be dispelled about Peter North (These aren't even True):

"I hear he's addicted to Tang."

"Someone told me he had to eat upside down."

"I heard he made 'grown-up' movies."

"I heard his stomach serves as an incubator for an alien fetus."

First off, that's not true; I drink Tang because I like the taste.

And I've only eaten upside down two or three times since my last mission.

I don't even know where that movie thing came from.

As for the alien fetus, I think Dr. Heywood Floyd put it best when he said, "I'm not at liberty to discuss this."

Apparently I need to be writing a lot more for this to reach the recommended minimum length for player pages on the KoL Wiki. I think it would be appropriate if I were to supplement my all too lackluster page with a selection of haikus written by yours truly.

Haikus; not too wise

Creative constipation

Making itself known

Peter North? Screw that!

Here are seven syllables

Now another five

Goatse, on a date

Take Tubgirl to a movie

Lemonparty's sad

Said her three Hail Mary's

Sheets are stained, so is her brain

What's a girl to do?

Way off of the curve

No one likes Cristina now

Perhaps Kanye West?

That's enough of that.

Well, click the link in my user profile (#86766) if you have any further questions. You shouldn't, but remember that presents are always accepted.