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Penguin Overlord had arrived in the Kingdom of Loathing on November 12th, 2006. Although new to the game, he had managed to catch on the quests pretty quickly. Despite this, he was a pretty bad speed ascender and most runs took 30+ days. This all changed, however, when he got a Penguin Goodfella. Named Al Capone, this penguin followed him loyally through 3 ascensions, improving his speed greatly. However, with his first NS-13 Oxycore, his speed is greatly reduced. Despite this, he is doing a HCO/Bad Moon loop, and is going to earn the Order of the Silver Wossname in each one.

Penguin Overlord had started the Penguin Mafia clan on November 25th, 2006. While he left to join the Anti Mob Penguin Society to "fight for the freedom of the Kingdom from [the Mob Penguins]" Penguin Mafia continues to be a successful clan today.


As mentioned before, Penguin Overlord is bad at ascending quickly, but he has a knack for getting trophies. He currently has these trophies:

1. Your Log Saw Something That Night

2. Palindrophy

3. Easy Come Easy Go

4. 100 Pound Load

5. Weeping Pizza

6. The Ghoul Cup

7. Platinum Skull

8. Disgusting Cocktail

9. I Heart Canadia

10. Little Chickadee

11. Best Meal of My Life

12. Der Toastdieb

13. Tiny Plastic Trophy

14. Gadget Inspector

15. Slapstick

16. Let My Bugbears Go!

17. Brass Bowling Trophy Trophy

18. Failure To Communicate

19. Brave Sir Robin

20. Boss Boss

21. Bringer of Storms

22. Crossroads

23. The Butler Did It

24. Hothouse Hero


Penguin Overlord collects stuffed Mob Penguins. One of his goals in KoL is to gain the #1 collection of them, beating even jonbly. Here is a list of people who sold him stuffed Mob Penguins:

1. wolfmoon71 (1)

2. Lack Luster (4)

3. Pelvis (1)

4. DeathNight (3)

5. Meru La Renat (3)

6. Hellion: (2)

7. Beren: (5)

8. tdrawler (2)

He currently has 20, because he accidentally autosold one.

Penguin Overlord is also collecting glacial sapphires (his birthstone) but he is only going to focus on getting a #1 collection after he gets #1 in stuffed Mob Penguins.

Also also, Penguin Overlord collects Goodfella contracts. He will be collecting them throughout the rest of his HC runs. Or, y'know, any other runs he uses his Goodfella.


Penguin Overlord has hosted/hosting 3 contests. Here are the links to them:

Penguin Overlord's Der Toastdieb!! Newbie PvP Contest (Closed)

Penguin Overlord's Clan Art Contest!! (Over)

Penguin Overlord's Birthday Bash! The Penguin Goodfella Speed Contest!! (Ongoing)

The Alliance to Stop the Crimborg

As of December 7th, 2007, 4:45 PM EST, a giant dodecahedron was detected in the skies of Loathing. It has since been determined that the Crimborg are going to invade Loathing. In response, Penguin Overlord set up an organization called The Alliance to Stop the Crimborg. Their goal is to defeat the Crimborg once and for all!

Here is a current list of members, updated 9:43 PM EST:

Penguin Overlord (#1142274)

vulcant13 (#1331555)

Badgerman of DOOM (#152778)

Dalsworth (AKA DillyDally)(#1386872)

Kuthulazrah (#943061)

romeisburning (#1381961)

Hamfish (#190489)

Ghost of smashery (#1540627)

Vividox (#321373)

minilee1 (#1415201)

Jatopian (#780859)

Newjams (#1285489)

Krukedogg (#1205260)

Shamork (#925801)

Matt is not a big duck (#1539798)

Matt 3 and a half (#1539554)

Matt 3 and a quarter (#1539732)

Boogie Gypsy Master (#1540922)

John Johnson (#1460994)

Satanic Claw (1498087)

call_me_ishmael (#285913)

Roy Elliot (#1340593)

Dankia_Talos (#1211114)


WarriorTribble (#1048664)

Flurry (#1438294)

External Links

Penguin Overlord is a member of the Anti Mob Penguin Society. You can read his tales of fighting The Penguin Mafia here

The Anti Mob Penguin Society Website

The Anti Mob Penguin Society Forum


Thank you, and May the Fish be with you. Always.

Penguin Overlord::

Lord Commander of the 101st

Lord Commander of the Alliance to Stop the Crimborg