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I'm pcentella (#271770). You can /msg or Kmail me if you have any question (or just want to say "Hello!") :-)

Hobopolis Outfits

Hobopolis Outfits:

HHH Frostyhat.gif Frostynailbat.gif Frostycarrot.gif
DDD Skullcap.gif Zomboshield.gif Bonepants.gif
PPP Stovehat.gif Handcan.gif Ninjapants.gif
VVV Oscuswand.gif Yakpants.gif Ratskin.gif
TTT Candybag.gif Cutoffs.gif Chestache.gif
HRF Porkpiehat.gif Bpcords.gif Hobowtie.gif

Hobopolis Gear:

Styore.gif Knobsack.gif Knobsack.gif
Frostyarm.gif Frostyarm.gif Chefstaff9.gif
Zomboeye.gif Skullsword.gif Skullring.gif
Pitchfork2.gif Cuffs.gif Stovedoor.gif
Flypants.gif Trashield.gif Soda.gif
Aquamedal.gif Wifebeater.gif Chestershades.gif
Varcolacpaw.gif Harmonica.gif Book3.gif
Picker.gif Mdetector.gif Cane.gif
Tubesock.gif Whackstick.gif Whackstick.gif
Hobovercoat.gif Blank.gif

Design taken from User:Psy

Proud member of The Sleazy Back Alley Clan