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Payback (#139646) has played KoL since last July. He first became involved in the economy during Black Sunday, but didn't earn much meat as he lacked a store. He earned his first few million selling bang potions. Were it not for a series of dumb decisions (buying a ghost pickle on a stick for 20 million, selling tiny plastic swords right before they jumped from 2 million to 6 million, etc.) he'd have upwards of 100 million meat. His multi, Revenge (#406001) hopes to ascend hardcore oxygenarian for the fourth time by mid-November.

collected all but four known trophies
ascend within 1000 turns (979) (before ronin was lowered)
ascend hardcore oxygenarian three times (as Revenge)

Payback is a member of the Sleazy Back Alley Clan.