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Oranje is dutch for "orange." But not the fruit, the color.

In KoL, Oranje belongs to the elite clan known as the Wu-Tang Clan. If you haven't heard of them, you're obviously a loser. Together, all two members of the Wu-Tang Clan do their best to gather large amounts of fancy disco bandit drinks, and Sneaky Pete's Key Lime Pies, and then we consume them in order to get more. It's a circle of awesomeness.

Currently, Oranje is doing his best to become one of the great farmers of KoL. Though he hasn't gone hardcore yet, he's practicing to make his hardcore oxygenarian run as painless as possible, so he can return to accumulating piles of fun, thus becoming a KoL god.

He hopes to someday be the proud owner of a hypnodisk, and has earned all his meat and items without exploits. Which isn't all that impressive, because he's poor in-game.