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Pull List (3 days)

This is a list of items to pull when on a 3day Avatar of Boris run, which assumes that you have some astral energy drinks and a astral shirt with you, plus on a Beach Moon Sign so you can buy the skill :)

Day 1

Free pull:

At level 0:

At level 5:

At level 6:

At level 7:

Before rollover:

/pull Boris's helm && /pull facsimile dictionary && /pull Juju Mojo Mask && /pull Can of Rain-Doh && /pull cane-mail pants && /pull C.A.R.N.I.V.O.R.E. button
/pull 3 groose grease && /pull 3 milk of magnesium && /pull prismatic wad && /use Rain-Doh
/equip hat Boris's helm && /equip pants cane-mail pants && /equip 1 Juju Mojo Mask && /equip 2 rain-doh

Day 2

Optional pulls:

Which leaves some pulls for stuff you'll need tomorrow:

/pull beer helmet && /pull distressed denim pants && /pull bejeweled pledge pin
/pull reinforced beaded headband && /pull bullet-proof corduroys && /pull round purple sunglasses

Day 3

Then, day 3 gets a little less calculable:

  • Tower items (0-5)