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Pastamancer f.gif
Nightvol (#571344)
"the Level 11 Messenger of the Sun"
Class: Pastamancer
Sign: The Mongoose
Ascensions: 69
Turns Played (total): 255,214
Turns Played (this run): 2,835
Account Created: July 16, 2005
Favorite Food: black pudding
Favorite Booze: pumpkin beer
Proud member of Otori

This is my userpage.

I'm the News Editor for KoL Coldfront and an administrator here on the wiki. If something isn't working on Coldfront, or you want a piece of news to appear on the homepage, you can contact me and I'll see what I can do.


  • Nightvol (#571344)
  • AIM - LordHuffnPuff
  • MSN -