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Pastamancer.gif 288887.gif

Nate Pyrokai (#288887)

Pastaspoon.gif Base Class - Pastamancer (Level 15)

Saucepan.gif 1st Ascension - Sauceror (Level 11, The Platypus)

Discoball.gif Cannedair.gif 2nd Ascension - Disco Bandit [Hardcore, Oxygenarian] (Level 11, The Mongoose)

Saucepan.gif 3rd Ascention - Sauceror (Level 12, The Packrat)

Club.gif Singlebar.gif 4th Ascention - Seal Clubber [Boozetafarian] (Level 11, The Mongoose)

Turtle.gif Cannedair.gif 5th Ascention - Turtle Tamer [Hardcore, Oxygenarian] (Level 12, The Marmot)

Pastaspoon.gif Pate.gif 6th Ascention - Pastamancer [Teetotaler] (Current, The Mongoose)

Personal Info

  • A Kingdom of Unrelated Events was a project that went on for a couple of monthes. It was a comic based in the Kingdom, but however do to lack of motivation, side-tracking, and it beginning to become more of a burden than a fun experience it was dropped.

  • Has a mushroom collection that he is hard at work on a heavily dedicated to. The goal is to eventually posess 1 Million Mushrooms.