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Pasta! Mxylptlk (#682470) Life, The Universe and Everything!

Ascensions: 12

Account Created: Many Years Ago

Favourite Food: Spooky Mushroom

Favourite Booze: Imp Ale

About Mxylptlk

Mxylptlk has played one softcore ascension and 11 hardcore ascensions. As somewhat of a masochist, he is constantly seeking the most difficult path. He has collected the entire plexiglass paraphernalia set of items and is currently working on the brimstones. He was once an avid haikuer, but is not so much now.

Mxylptlk is a strong advocate of the creation of hardcore familiars (Stainless Steel Supporter, Plexiglass Phamiliar, and Brimstone Beast.)

Favourite Familiars


Items to Aquire