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Brief Biography

Mis2027 (#1136123) spent his early KoL career predominantly as a chef-mage, and in his recent return to the game has started experimenting more. He has previously dedicated much of his time to spading (appearing in this Wiki in many cases), and has recently returned to this endeavor.

He also previously enjoyed developing new ideas for game content, but has abandoned this as the game content expanded to the point that it became clear the Dev Team not only needed to focus but also didn't need his help. To this end, contributing to the Banana content he considers his greatest achievement in KoL thus far.


Mis2027 is a member of the Lords of Monkey Filtration, and the Monkeys were the inspiration for his banana post on Make-a-KoL.


  • Eldarion (#1141869): retired; a second chef-mage, a general-purpose multi (clan: The Lollipop Guild)
  • Brian of Loathing (#1194946): retired; a disco bandit, created as part of a Crimboween themed joke (born on Crimbo 2006, first ascended on Easter 2007); a reference to Monty Python's "Life of Brian" (clan: Gravedigger Brewing Company)
  • Jesus of Loathing (#1194945): retired; the second half of the Crimboween themed joke
  • Captain Cream (#1284014): retired; a multi created specifically for the purpose of starting the largest pie fight in KoL history; are you ready for Mischief Day? (clan: Frisbie Pie Company)


I'm a 40 year old male living in Vancouver, BC, Canada, working as a physician.