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About Me

I've been modding Unreal Tournament 2004 for years, and run an RPG invasion server. (You fight against waves of monsters, pick a class and learn skills as in an RPG.) You can see some of my custom UT2004 skins here and maps here. I have also made a bunch of levels for Mario Kart Wii. You can see my custom levels here.

My nickname used on most sites, including the KoL forums, is jefe. It is pronounced with an H like this: Heh-fay.


 YouTube channel: reidevjord
 Xfire: jefejefejefe
 Steam:  jefejefejefe
 XBox Live: ReiDevJord
 KoL forums profile: jefe

KOL Characters

I created my first KoL character in 2006. My main character is megustalapasta.




Hookah Guide

The Ittah bittah hookah is a very nice piece of equipment that puts 5 lbs of weight on any familiar and gives you random buffs every 6 turns or so. Sometimes incredibly awesome buffs. It is also very affordable, but you cannot buy one in the mall.

So how do you get one? First, acquire several "DRINK ME!" potions. The potions are pretty inexpensive in the mall. (You can also get one free potion every day if you have a VIP key and are in a clan with a looking glass.) When used, the potion gives you access to the the Rabbit Hole in the Nearby Plains. Adventure in the Red Queen's Garden until a reflection of a map drops.

Use the reflection (with the "Drink Me!" effect still active) and choose the appropriate option for your class. You will get an item that only your class can acquire. Optionally, do this at least 5 more times.

(Note: Reflection drops are based on how many "Drink Me!" potions you've used this ascension. A counter is added every time you use a potion, and then it becomes an eligible drop from any monster in the zone; the counter is removed once the Reflection drops. If you've used "Drink Me!" potions for Mad Hatter buffs in the past without adventuring in the Garden, you'll have a few extra Reflections waiting for you.)

None of the class-specific items can be purchased from the mall. You could ascend once as each class to get all of the items, but they're easy enough to get from the /trade channel. Some people in /trade will sell them directly, but many others prefer 1 for 1 trades. If you can't find someone, feel free to send me a message and I'll trade 1 for 1 for any hookah items I have available. Once you have one of each item and have cooked the sauceror and pastamancer items together, use another reflection and visit the Duchess' Cottage.

Congrats! You now have a hookah! It can be pulled and used during normal ascensions in the future, and make playing the game a bit more unpredictable, but fun. :D

Fossilized Necklace Guide

A fossilized necklace is a very helpful item for softcore ascenders and for Fernswarthy's Basement. It is an untradeable accessory that gives some massive buffs and has no equip requirement, so it can be pulled and equipped on the first turn of a run. A maxed out necklace gives +10 spell damage, +15 weapon damage, +15 Hot Damage, +15 Spooky Damage, +10 to all stats AND +15% to all stats. Awesome, right? It can also help anywhere you need a stat boost or elemental damage, such as Hobopolis, Dreadsylvania or The Sea. It does takes some work to fully upgrade, and this guide explains how.

To acquire a necklace, you need to fight any of the reanimated skeletons from the Bigg's Dig event back in Septemeber 2010.

You can't travel back in time? No problem. :)

If you have a VIP key, the easiest method is to request one from FaxBot who will fax a copy of the monster to your clan's fax machine in your Clan VIP Lounge. (Type /whois faxbot in chat to view its profile, monster list and instructions.) If you don't have a VIP key, you'll need to buy at least one of each type of skull, along with the other needed bones (see the fossilized necklace article for more details.)

The first time you fight any reanimated skeleton, it will drop a fossilized necklace. When it first drops, it's as useful as a Mega Gem, having no bonuses at all. You'll need to power up the necklace. Each type of reanimated skeleton will drop a tooth upon defeat (100% of the time.) Each tooth will automatically be added to your necklace. The benefit from each tooth is capped at five, so to max out the necklace you will need to fight at least 5 of each type of monster, not counting the one that dropped the necklace.

The monsters are resistant to damage, reducing all sources of damage to 1 point, much like the Hobopolis boss Frosty. You can use the same tactics (combine prismatic damage with some of the following: turtle tamer combos, double-ice box, the skill Vent Rage Gland, a stabonic scroll, possessed tomato, can of sterno, etc.) This strategy can be risky, especially on the tougher monsters which have a lot of HP and can hit very hard. However, if you equip a pottery yo-yo or pottery club, you can damage the monsters normally. Equipping some pottery armor also helps reduce the damage you take, and using a Levitating Potato or similar familiar will block some attacks, as will an attorney's badge. Using a powerful deleveler like crayon shavings at the start of the fight can also make the battle easier.

By the way, the yo-yo zaps into a familiar hatchling, and the outfit parts are zappable. The pottery hat should be a bit cheaper than the others since it requires fewer smoked potsherd to make. If you zap it you should come out ahead if you decide to sell your equipment after you've finished making your necklace. It's also worth noting that the pants (+3 to attributes, +5 Hot Damage, no equip requirement) can be a helpful low-budget softcore pull.

You'll want to make copies of the monsters, especially if you don't have access to the fax machine. If so, use a 4-d camera and/or a portable photocopier on the monster, then recopy the monster each day until you have enough teeth. If you use this strategy, you will only have to assemble each type of skeleton once. Even if you're fighting faxed monsters, copies will speed things up, more so if you have spooky putty or rain-doh to make extra copies or an Obtuse Angel (shoot the monster with a badly romantic arrow to encounter it again randomly.)

You don't have to upgrade all of the necklaces attributes for it to be useful, so just fight the skeletons that give the most useful buffs for you at first. Upgrades are permanently saved across ascensions, so once you've set up your necklace the way you want it, you're done. :)