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ZOMG! Tips and Links are SOOO spoiler!

Short History

I'm aware this page is mostly ePen to others, but it does serve as a useful (and clean) reference during rollover.

I'll just talk in first person. I (like unfortunate many others) used to play since the summer of 2005, but of course I lost my old character to inactivity. He even had petrified time and such. I've started back up because of my friend. I play fairly aggressively, but with a lax style. My main, MagiNinjA, is currently a hardcore ascender Boozetafarian usually under a muscle sign. With this character, I usually don't speed ascend (yet), but I do try to minimize time wasted. MagiNinjA is currently finishing most of the LTS set.

Currently, I am busy with school quite a bit so I partook in the PvP Premiership season 1 hosted by Bernini. It really inspired the club in me, and now I am equally both a club and diamond. My favorite class is indeed Seal Clubber.

Real Life Bio

I'll be short. I'm currently a high school student (a junior) who has a bit too much time on his hands for his own good. I'm often busy and there's much to put here. Ask me about it if you want.

AIM  : ReMiXedD
MSN  :

If you need to contact me by way of email, please try my talk page first.

KoL Tips

will add more.

Hardcore Tips

  • Even if you're only familiar options against the NS are among a level 1 combat familiar (GPoaS, MechaMech, etc.), the level 20 familiars needed to pass the tower and your main level 20 familiar for the run, the level 1 combat familiar will probably be the best option.

Softcore Tips

  • Heh. I don't focus on Softcore too much to care. Let's see if I can come up with anything, though.

The KoL Wiki Contributions

Contributions I Have Made

A hopefully ever growing list!

Planned Spading

Things to spade out/solve.

Main Things I Do

  • Boost the PvP page
  • Spade
  • Fix grammar errors

MagiNinjA (#1036193)

Ascension Record

# Class Path Sign Skill Turns
0 Template Path Zodiac Skill Turns
1 Disco Bandit None None Advanced
2 Seal Clubber HCB Blender
3 Seal Clubber HCB Vole
Eye of the Stoat 1211
4 Disco Bandit HCB Wombat
Mad Looting
5 Seal Clubber HCB Blender
Thrust-Smack 1333
6 Turtle Tamer HCB Wallaby
Amphibian Sympathy 970
7 Turtle Tamer HCB Mongoose
of the Newt
8 Disco Bandit HCB Mongoose
9 Accordion Thief SCT (Teetdrop) Wombat
10 Seal Clubber SCNP Mongoose
Double-Fisted Skull Smashing 5972
11 Seal Clubber HCB Mongoose
Pulverize 1446
12 Turtle Tamer HCO Mongoose
Hero of the
13 Seal Clubber HCO Mongoose
Musk of the
14 Turtle Tamer HCT Mongoose
Tao of the
15 Disco Bandit HCNP [[]] Smooth Movements
16 Turtle Tamer HCNP Mongoose
17 Pastamancer HCNP [[]] [[]]
  • Runs with no turns are either current or projected.
  • Run #6 (HCB TT Wallaby) was part of Hardcore Nation's January Wallaby appreciation month.
  • Run #9 (SCNP AT Wombat) was in preparation for the PvP Premiership contest to get Torso Awaregness. Yay for my club side, boo for my diamond.
  • Run #10 (SCNP SC Mongoose) was for the PvP Premiership contest. I also got the Scourge of Seals trophy, which is probably my current favorite trophy right now.
  • Runs #11, #12 and #13 are for the Premiership season 2. I was disheartened by my lack of plexiglass items. Especially muscle ones.

smalloxy.gif, hardcorex.gif, martini.gif, bowl.gif

Items Wanted

I am looking to secure trades/deals once I have the meat to buy the specific items, as in, I would like to make sure I can get the item once I have the meat.

Skill Chart

For my own reference and if anyone cares...Recommendations are nice. Thanks to Quietust.

0 Frenzy Patience Meditation Contemplation Aerobics Mariachi
1 O. Hide Headbutt Minor Ray Stream Eye-Poke Madrigal
2 O. Claws Leatherback Entangling Saucy Salve Preservation Mojomuscular
3 O. Tongue (HP) Sympathy Bandages Panhandling Disco Nap Celerity
4 (HP) TS Ghostly eXtreme Ray Elemental Doom Power Ballad
5 Meatsmithing Armorcraftiness Pastamastery Saucecrafting (P) AC Polka
6 (HP) Eye Tenacity Fusilli Saucestorm Nimble Jackasses'
7 W. Hide Kneebutt Rigatoni Jalapeño Boogaloo Phat Loot
8 W. Claws (HP) Empathy Cone Wave (HP) MLS Anthem
9 W. Tongue Fortitude Ravioli Spiciness Power Nap Pointiness
10 (HP) LTS Shieldbutt Pastalord Habanero Face Stab Shanty
11 Rage Wisdom Leash Saucegeyser Crossbow Antiphon
12 (P) Dual-Wield Astral Cocoon Sauciness Dual-Use Ode
13 Cold Spooky Hot Stench Sleaze Sonata
14 (HP) Musk (HP) Hero Flavour Seasoning Smooth Cantata
15 (HP) Pulverize (HP) Tao Noodlecraft Way SHC Aria
Q Snarl Snapper Fettucini Scarysauce Tango Dirge
* (P)Torso Awaregness, Gnomish Hardigness, Cosmic Ugnderstanding, Powers of Observatiogn, Gnefarious Pickpocketing
CLEESH, Chronic Indigestion

Collector Aspect

I've decided that it would be awesome (only to myself of course) to start collecting:

Thanks to anakh for my first batch of ice cubes with flies!

If you wish to contribute, please send your gifts to mninja (#), and if you are contributing boxes of sunshine, please buff MagiNinjA (#1036193). Thank you.

Notable Links

  • The NEXT BarKoL! - I'm going to attempt to make a newer test. Please feel free to add on.

KoL Helpers

I've used these links for a long while now, so (if you want to take my word) they're trusty ;). Seriously. They are.

  • KoLmafia - Perhaps the most useful KoL program I've ever encountered. holatuwol and his team are great people. Give them thanks when they need it.
  • Mr. Kink's Free Buffbot - A REALLY free Buffbot. This bot literally does not take any meat or money to get buffs. 300 nice turns of whatever buffs you need. This bot definitely deserves donations (once per IP per KoL day).

Reference Guides

I check these links to most effectively play KoL.

  • User:Hellion - Why, thank you, dear Hellion, for your softcore ascension guide. It kicks butt.
  • Oxbarn's Ascension Stats - Since I often don't check records that much, this gets a bit of neglect, but nonetheless, like CDMoyer's, it's interesting to look at. You can customize your own leaderboard with the engine.


Links to Greasemonkey (aka GM) scripts (alphabetical).

  • Numfar's/Naltrexone's Greasemonkey Scripts - Numfar's scripts are excellent. I love the WikiLink script (which conveniently links to here!) and his MonsterStats script (which has information based off this wiki!), which has been endlessly useful to me. Thank you very much for the tireless effort you put in to update these, Numfar.
  • OneTonTomato's Greasemonkey Scripts - Perhaps my favorite Greasemonkey script writer. He just has excellent, excellent, well made scripts. The Familiar Hotlist is a personal favorite of mine.
  • phlip's Greasemonkey Scripts - Another great coder with inventive AND crucial scripts. I'm telling you now, GET THE MMG BOUNCER BEFORE YOU LOSE YOUR MEAT FORTUNE! The KoLorizer also makes things easy on the eyes.
  • Picklish's Greasemonkey Scripts - Great authors will never end for Greasemonkey. Thankfully. Another author whose scripts are very convenient. Check Picklish out.
  • SomeStranger's Greasemonkey Scripts - Another great person who in fact is right here. SomeStranger maintains Tard's KoL scripts (which would have been LONG outdated by now!) and has several useful scripts of his own. Definitely worth a look. I use SomeStranger's continuations of Tard's script every time I use Firefox.

Proud member of Hardcore Nation