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Cost Analysis of Restoring HP and MP

Safe Adventuring

The Infiltrationist
The Infiltrationist

(table thanks to User:Littlebum2002)

Altar god Correct Stone Sphere message Item for blessing
"It radiates a bright green light, and vines shoot out of it, entangling your opponent." 6ball.gif
Leaf.gifYou acquire an effect: Blessing of Bulbazinalli
(duration: 20 Adventures)
"It radiates a bright red light, and a gout of flame blasts out of it, roasting your opponent for 8-10 damage." 5ball.gif
Fire.gifYou acquire an effect: Blessing of Charcoatl
(duration: 20 Adventures)
"It radiates a bright yellow light, and a bolt of lightning arcs towards your opponent. The shockwave throws him to the ground, causing 8-10 damage." 1ball.gif
Jigawatts.gifYou acquire an effect: Blessing of Pikachutlotal
(duration: 20 Adventures)
"It radiates a bright blue light, and an ethereal mist pours out of it." 2ball.gif
Waves.gifYou acquire an effect: Blessing of Squirtlcthulli
(duration: 20 Adventures)

War Sidequests

  • There is a shortcut in the barn to reduce the number of ducks in each area to five:
    • First, use a chaos butterfly in combat. You can use the chaos butterfly anywhere any time before you dump out the drum; you do not have to use it in the Farm, nor do you have to wait until this quest is available. It doesn't count if you use it from your inventory, though.
    • Next, make a fence out of the barbed wire (choice #3) when you are cornered.
    • Knock over the lantern (choice #1) when you are cornered again.
    • Dump out the drum (choice #2) when you are cornered a third time.
    • (Yes, this means you will 'Have your ducks in a row'. Groan.)
  • The bandits have stolen 100,000 Meat in total. You can tell how much you've collected by the message at the end of battle:
Sister <name> approaches you and takes the Meat. "Thank you for recovering this Meat!" she says.
0-24,999 Meat: "Almost all of the Meat is still in the hands of those bandits -- please continue your efforts!"
25,000-49,999 Meat: "You've recovered a good portion of the stolen Meat, but there's still plenty left."
50,000-74,999 Meat: "You've recovered more than half of what was stolen, Adventurer! It won't be long now!"
75,000-99,999 Meat: "You're almost done! It won't be long now until all of the Meat is recovered!"
100,000 Meat: "I think this is the last of it! However can we repay you for your assistance?"
  • Each tool can be dropped by one particular type of gremlin. There are two subtypes of each gremlin type. Their set of combat messages are nearly identical, but in general the tool-using gremlin (Gremlin A) will have the same set of combat messages as Gremlin B with the exception that one of the messages is replaced by the message relating to the tool they use.

    The best way to determine if you are wasting your time on a gremlin who does not hold the tool is to look for the replaced message. See the chart below for the messages for the incorrect gremlin and the messages that the gremlin will give right before you can use the molybdenum magnet.
Tool Gremlin Incorrect
molybdenum hammer batwinged gremlin "It does a bombing run over your head..." "It whips out a hammer (you're not sure from where), and hammers on your head with it. Dude, you're so hammered."
molybdenum screwdriver vegetable gremlin "It picks a <vegetable> off of itself and..." "It whips out a screwdriver and stabs you with it. Where did it get the vodka and orange juice? Oh, wait, it was just the regular, metal, stabby kind of screwdriver."
molybdenum pliers spider gremlin "It bites you in the fibula with its mandibles..." "It whips out a pair of pliers and fastens them firmly on your <head>. If only it'd tried to ply you with booze instead."
molybdenum crescent wrench erudite gremlin "He uses the random junk around him to make an automatic eyeball-peeler..." "He whips out a crescent wrench from somewhere, places it on your finger, and carefully calibrates how tightly he has to adjust it to make you scream bloody murder."