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Lxndr started to play on the first Feast of Boris in 2007, though he was too new to really take advantage of it then. This was also the first day of the year. Interestingly, he's a resident of Phoenix, Arizona, and thus a local to Jick and company, not that he's ever met them or anything. He has gone to the past few KoLCons that have come his way.

Probably the most notable thing he's done as far as Kingdom of Loathing is concerned, is that he was the first to successfully predict the Libram of candy heart summoning as the Item of the Month for February 2007 on the official Kingdom of Loathing forums (see post here) - which remains his favorite Mr. Store item (though the Doppelshifter comes in a close second). Elsewhere in the world he's 'notable' for writing Fastlane, the first and so far only tabletop roleplaying game to use a roulette wheel instead of dice.

On the Monday before NS13, he had brain surgery to remove a brain tumor. He's had several more surgeries since.

A long-time friend of the Radio KoL DJ Jezebelle, Lxndr took quickly to the game, donating for five Mr. Accessories in his first month (later sold for a Doppelshifter and a Comma Chameleon, and traded for a Libram), and ascending twice (the second time on January 31st, when the Libram came out). Still, he's tried to donate at least $10 to the game each month, and has picked up several more items (and has his eyes set on a few more).

In more fanciful moments, Lxndr dreams of getting a 17-ball and hypnodisk. Note, he doesn't want to purchase them, or be gifted them - he wants to earn them for himself. Of course, these are ultra-rare items, so he's in for a long wait.

Lxndr wants every single passive skill in the game

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