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S'me. Hi-ho. Guess I'll make a page here later.

Quick data, though: I'm a linguistics buff who has, to varying degrees, studied over a dozen languages. Not that I'm fluent in any besides English, although I'm decent enough in Japanese, am working hard in Spanish, and can make sense of Bible passages or Wikipedia in Portuguese, Italian, and French.

Hoping to find more resources on Hawaiian, Fijian, and Romani (gypsy), and some more songs and audio resources in Esperanto.

Yeah, I'm a conlanger with a number of my language projects on the back burner.

Huge supporter of spelling reform for the English language, though realistically I realize it'll be generations before the overhaul happens. Currently working on a way to teach children to read English via colors.

And I guess this page'll wait till I have more time to work on it.