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The strategies on this page are for my personal reference only. I've been taking notes in a very haphazard fashion, and I'd like to have one location that I can access from any computer. If you would like to criticize the contents, please feel free to strike up a conversation on the talk page.

Commented added 2/4/10: A lot of the page is out of date. Some of it was even written before NS13. Page links are still good, but take specific advice from the page with a pound of salt.

Quick links to important pages

General self-improvement

Speed ascension

Making stuff


Pre-ascension shopping list

Before any ascension, try to be stocked with the following disposable items, from crafting or from the mall if necessary:

  1. 15 chow meins or hi meins of each stat (see consumption reference, below)
  2. 20 drinks of each stat, of which at least 5 are Superhuman Cocktailcrafting drinks
  3. Disassembled meatcar
  4. 3-5 of each of the following (only need one, but keep extras around in case you forget to stock up on some runs)
  5. 9 of the following (need multiples of this resource):

Consumption quick reference


Superhuman drinks

Drinks from Superhuman Cocktailcrafting that have the highest yield:

Class Drink Ingredients
Muscle Mon Tiki rum, lemon, coconut shell
Muscle teqiwila slammer tequila, lemon, coconut shell
Moxie Mae West whiskey, strawberry, magical ice cubes
Moxie prussian cathouse wine, strawberry, magical ice cubes
Mysticality gimlet gin, soda water, little paper umbrella
Mysticality yellow brick road vodka, soda water, little paper umbrella

Advanced drinks

Sometimes I feel like SHC drinks aren't cost effective unless you really need the stats in the beginning of the game -- although I can be convinced otherwise. Just for reference, here are Drinks from Advanced Cocktailcrafting that have the highest yield:

Class Drink Ingredients
Muscle slip 'n' slide vodka, orange, coconut shell
Muscle fuzzbump whiskey, lemon, coconut shell
Moxie rockin' wagon vodka, olive, magical ice cubes
Moxie perpendicular hula rum, strawberry, magical ice cubes
Mysticality horizontal tango wine, soda water, little paper umbrella
Mysticality roll in the hay whiskey, soda water, little paper umbrella


My philosophy on pulling is an ongoing learning experience. I'm not a super-elite player who regularly run two day ascensions, but I am getting fast enough that I'm starting to worry about losing a day for bad pulls using the right pulls on the last day. Therefore, I'm saving this information for quick reference so I don't blow it.

Low level consumption items

See Best Foods (adventures) and Best Drinks for more.

High Priority

These items should be pulled on every run, as they are indispensible for speed.

Day 1:


  • Various stainless steel and plexiglass items (12 in all, most unnecessary)
  • Wand of Nagamar, eventually, if this run stays under 5 days.

Medium Priority

These items are frequently needed, but in a pinch they are not absolutely required for a successful run.

  • Rhesus monkey: I use the NPZR occasionally during a run to get mana and level it up, so I can break it out for the sorceress, so you might as well pull this.
  • Meat engine + dope wheels: Saves you from having to farm Degrassi Knoll, which is not high enough level.
  • Star hat, Richard's star key, and a star weapon. The alternative is to spend time farming the castle and then more time getting star items, instead of being in the gallery. This is time consuming, but if I'm finding myself running out of pulls, I might change my strategy on this.
  • Knob Goblin elite helm, Knob Goblin elite pants, or Knob Goblin elite polearm: Try to get a few of these through combat first. The lab store has some really nice stuff, especially pet buffing spray and seltzer, but you can live without them.
  • Knob Goblin perfume: Not necessary if you can get it from a harem girl, but it can take a little while.

Low Priority

These items are convenient to have, especially if you get them early. I used to think they were really important, but I'm feeling more and more that they're starting to waste my pulls.

  • Meat maid: Those extra adventures are handy, but they're looking less and less critical to me as I cut down my run speed.
  • Cottage: Early on it gives a little bit of free health and mana each day at rollover, but let's face it, I have a Nervous Tick so I don't worry so much about money anymore.

Example early pulls

This section is starting to become obsolete as I rethink how many days I expect to stick around. May update this section later, but probably not soon.

Day 1

Note: This is an incomplete transcript of a sample run. Currently experimenting with how to get optimal pulls for a 2-day run. Run began 5/24/2007

  1. hi mein
  2. hi mein
  3. hi mein
  4. hi mein (assuming teetotaler + drop path)
  5. meat maid
  6. bartender-in-the-box (make a drink instead of pulling)
  7. spoon!
  8. red balloon
  9. stainless steel item 1
  10. stainless steel item 2
  11. stainless steel item 3
  12. rock and roll legend
  13. meat engine
  14. dope wheels
  15. Knob Goblin elite helm (rounding out the outfit)
    (That was all I needed for the day; I drew my last 5 pulls based on next day's needs)
  16. Boris's key
  17. Jarlsberg's key
  18. Sneaky Pete's key
  19. Richard's star key
  20. Digital key

Day 2

  1. chef-in-the-box (needed to make milk of magnesium)
  2. hi mein
  3. hi mein
  4. hi mein
  5. hi mein
  6. bandit drink (was able to create 3 drinks today but not a fourth)
  7. star hat
  8. star pants
  9. star sword
  10. Wand of Nagamar
  11. skeleton key

I didn't pull off a two-day ascension this time, but at this point I've comfortably got enough pulls left for the tower. So I'm getting all my other stainless stuff and calling it a day.