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No, he is not an object with which to roll up the cosmos.

Instead, Katarani (#357811) is a spade who is pushing his main through a series of Hardcore and Oxycore ascensions just to say he can. His multis, on the other hand, exist for the purpose of seeing all the game has to offer, learning the ins and out of the system, and gathering trophies.

Sumire (#430136) is the resident trophy and familiar whorezen, whereas Super Punchy (#583373) is the diamond-like peakfarmer who insists on keeping his stats high enough to be -ready- for NS13 and any additional content.

He also reviews games. This page is not for that sort of info, however.

Current projects include keeping the Elemental Resistance page fairly up-to-date and basic clarifications on odd game mechanics (such as on the Ascension page.)

No Longer All That Current:

Spading out Comma Chameleon messages, and now, effect range. 8/06/06: 328 adventures due to mixup with getting drunk day before.

328 Adv. left: Feed Storen (my Comma Chameleon) blundarrrbus. Start adventuring at Pirate's Cove (in disguise).
324 Adv. left: Obtain abridged dictionary. Head to Orc Chasm. 4 noncombat adventures.
309 Adv. left: Defeated in battle. D'oh! 15 meagre combat adventures, 14 not counting lost battle.
299 Adv. left: Defeated in battle. Starting to hate muscle classes. 25 combat adventures, 23 without counting lost battles.
289 Adv. left: Spooky Pirate Skeleton effect wears off. TOTAL ADVENTURES SPENT: 35, 33 without counting battles where I was defeated. 39 total adventures.

289 Adv. left: Fed Storen chocolate spurs. Continue adventuring in Orc Chasm.
254 Adv. left: Cocoabo effect wears off. TOTAL ADVENTURES SPENT: 35 combat adventures.

254 Adv. left: Fed Storen diamond-studded fronts. Start Adventuring at Frat House for usefulness of drops, ease of combat, and 100% combat adventures. SUSPECTED TARGET: 219 adv.
219 Adv. left: Wind-up Chattering Teeth effect wears off. TOTAL ADVENTURES SPENT: 35 combat adventures. Seeing a pattern here...

219 Adv. left: Eat Yon gazing shoes. Suspected target: 184 Adv. Left. Trying noncombat now, at the hippy camp in disguise. Herbs and Spices ahoy.
180 Adv. left: What the heck? Nothing's going on. Maybe noncombat adventures don't register. Back to Orcish Frat House, NOT in disguise - new suspected target: 145 Adv. left.
147 adv. left: Emo Squid effect wears off, a little early. TOTAL ADVENTURES SPENT: 33 combat adventures, 40 noncombat adventures.

147 adv. left: Meat detector go down the hooooole.
109 adv. left: Leprechaun effect wears off, a bit late. 38 combat adventures spent. Range currently looks like "33-38". Will test in shorthand form from now on.

Comma comma comma comma comma chameeeeeleeeeonnnnn

35 35 35 33 38 34 31 37

Hardcore Planning