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Halloween Loot Chart

List of Halloween candies that I can get and aren't total crap.

Outfit Treat Effect
Bits o' Honey honey stick +5% to all stat gains
Blasphemous Bedizenment Pain Dip +X% Item Drops, +Y Stats, -Z% All Stats
Brogre Brouture Yolo™ chocolates +15 Sleaze Damage & Spell Damage, +15 ML
Clothing of Loathing fudge-shaped hole in space-time Full of Loathing
Dreadful Bugbear Suit Bugbearclaw Donut +40 Weapon Damage & Spell Damage
Dreadful Ghost Suit 8-bit banana +40 Stench Damage & Spell Damage
Dreadful Pajamas Tallowcreme Halloween Pumpkin +25 Spooky Damage
Dreadful Skeleton Suit bone bons +40 Cold Damage & Spell Damage
Dreadful Vampire Suit vial of blood simple syrup +40 Sleaze Damage & Spell Damage
Dreadful Werewolf Suit little red jam +40 Hot Damage & Spell Damage
Dreadful Zombie Suit Whenchamacallit bar +30 Spooky Damage & Spell Damage, +20% Initiative
Hateful Habiliment worst candy -10% Combat Rate
Hodgman's Regal Frippery roll of Hob-Os Several Hob-Os
Legendary Regalia of the Chelonian Overlord chocolate turtle totem Chocolate!
Legendary Regalia of the Groovelord chocolate disco ball Chocolate!
Legendary Regalia of the Master Squeezeboxer chocolate stolen accordion Chocolate!
Legendary Regalia of the Pasta Master chocolate pasta spoon Chocolate!
Legendary Regalia of the Saucemaestro chocolate saucepan Chocolate!
Legendary Regalia of the Seal Crusher chocolate seal-clubbing club Chocolate!
Raiments of the Final Boss Boss Drops +15% Item Drops
Transparent Trappings PlexiPips +X% Item Drops
Violent Vestments violent pastilles +10% Combat Rate

Other decent treats.

Outfit Treat Effect
Animelf Apparel blind-packed capsule toy tiny plastic figurine (series 3) (COMPLETED)
Bounty-Hunting Rig chocolate filthy lucre +5 ML
Cool Irons ironic mint +5 DR, 5-8 HP regen
Crappy Mer-kin Disguise Mer-kin rocksalt +30 Moxie
Dire Drifter Duds strawberry-flavored Hob-O +X Spooky Damage & Spell Damage
El Vibrato Relics abandoned candy Several candies
Filthy Hippy Disguise herb brownies For trophy collecting (COMPLETED)
Hyperborean Hobo Habiliments Frostbite-flavored Hob-O +X Cold Damage & Spell Damage
Mer-kin Gladiatorial Gear Mer-kin saltmint +30 Muscle
Mer-kin Scholar's Vestments Mer-kin saltsquid +30 Mysticality
Pyretic Panhandler Paraphernalia sterno-flavored Hob-O +X Hot Damage & Spell Damage
Seafaring Suit candy crayons 1.2x stat gains from Foods
Snowman Suit snowball MP Restorer, throwable
Tawdry Tramp Togs fry-oil-flavored Hob-O +X Sleaze Damage & Spell Damage
Unblemished Uniform Wax Flask +X Stat Gains
Vile Vagrant Vestments garbage-juice-flavored Hob-O +X Stench Damage & Spell Damage
Wumpus-Hair Wardrobe dubious peppermint and lint For crafting numberwang (COMPLETED)