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JLE is the real-life initials of Jonathan Ellis, and nothing whatsoever to do with something called "Justice League Europe" (something of which he had never heard before playing KOL).

In real life, he is a professional classical musician, trained at the Royal Northern College of Music (Manchester, England), and currently working freelance as a solo pianist, accompanist and chamber musician, and sometimes musical director for small touring opera companies. Other interests include chess, cookery, and travel.

In KOL, he is a fairly high-profile player, not so much for one major achievement as for a general all-round presence and activity. For instance: enough of a player to have reached a reasonably high pre-ascension level and then gotten full brimstone, plexiglass and stainless steel outfits, with a current project of doing hardcore 100% runs with every familiar in the game (currently COMPLETE!), owner of all hardcore skills, IOTMs, tattoos, trophies, familiars and recipes: and has at different times been an organiser of clan events, lender of rare suits for tattoo purposes, reasonably successful trader, /newbie channel helper, anti-scammer campaigner, philanthropist, significant presence on chat and forums, clan dungeon organiser both in-clan and cross-clan, a basically second-rate PVPer but good enough to be a dangerous opponent occasionally, and general all-purpose pompous opinionated ass (now with All New!! Improved!! RENT-A-RANT capability!!), and still holds the game's largest collection of bling-bling - now expanded to include iced-out bling and Boss Bat bling (although unfortunately not the largest collection of the latter, nor any Warehouse 23 bling).

Current clan: Noblesse Oblige, since December 2004.