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Ahoy! Sorry, I still be wearing me can of Binarrrca.

Now, I am Hunter the Relatively Good. My KoL name is Hunter the Relatively Good. It's kind of a no-brainer.

Proud member of the Coalition of Outstanding Loathers (COOL)

The Three T's: Tattoos, Trophies, and...Tamiliars?

Here are my current tattoos, trophies, and familiar names (they're Laugh-Tastic!©).

Current Tattoos

Antique Arms and Armor 1 Ascension 2 Ascensions 3 Ascensions 4 Ascensions 5 Ascensions 6 Ascensions Bugbear Costume Seal Clubber Pastamancer Sauceror Disco Bandit Accordion Thief Cloaca-Cola Uniform Dyspepsi-Cola Uniform eXtreme Cold-Weather Gear Yendorian Finery Knob Goblin Elite Guard Uniform Frat Boy Ensemble Knob Goblin Harem Girl Disguise Filthy Hippy Disguise Encephalic Ensemble Furry Suit Martini Mining Gear Hot and Cold Running Ninja Suit Palette Swashbuckling Getup Glad Bag Glad Rags Star Garb 8-Bit Finery


This is where all of my trophy data is contained. Everything you need to know. Some people list them in the order they are on Trophy. I just list them in whatever order I want.

Current Trophies

I already own these trophies. Yay!
NEWEST: Three-Tiered Trophy

Platinum Skull Your Log Saw Something That Night 100 Pound Load The Ghuol Cup Palindrophy Easy Come Easy Go 300 Pound Load Der Toastdieb Little Boat I Heart Canadia Big Boat Failure to Communicate Black Hole Terrarium Slice and Dice Little Chickadee Let My Bugbears Go! Boss Boss Brass Bowling Trophy Trophy Gender Bender Three-Tiered Trophy

Trophies I'm Getting FAR in the Future

Tiny Plastic Trophy 99 Red Balloons Gadget Inspector Jack of Several Trades Festive Dismemberment

Trophies I Wanna Get

Best Meal of My Life Disgusting Cocktail Weeping Pizza Bouquet of Hippies

My Familiars and Their Names

Hunter Jr. the Sucky Hunter Jr. the Sucky, the Mosquito
Lucky the Irish Midget Lucky the Irish Midget, the Leprechaun
Spud the Starchy Spud the Starchy, the Levitating Potato
Half of Beavis and Butthead Half of Beavis and Butthead, the Angry Goat
Gorloth the Earner of 1,000 Meat Gorloth the Earner of 1,000 Meat, the Sabre-Toothed Lime
Snake Eyes the Mr. Car Accessory Snake Eyes the Mr. Car Accessory, the Fuzzy Dice
I am Made with a Dead Man's Chest I am Made with a Dead Man's Chest, the Spooky Pirate Skeleton
Arrrnie the Even Suckier than Hunter Jr. Arrrnie the Even Suckier than Hunter Jr., the Barrrnacle
A Monkey With Aichmophobia (look it up) A Monkey With Aichmophobia (look it up), the Howling Balloon Monkey
A Psychotic Killer That's Already Armed A Psychotic Killer That's Already Armed, the Stab Bat
In Soviet Russia, Grue Names You In Soviet Russia, Grue Names You, the Grue
Spike the One of Many Movie References Spike the One of Many Movie References, the Blood-Faced Volleyball
Eetear ov Hunam Felsh (yumm!) Eetear ov Hunam Felsh (yumm!), the Ghuol Whelp
My Little Tasty Snookie-ookums My Little Tasty Snookie-ookums, the Baby Gravy Fairy
A Strangely Androgenous Bird A Strangely Androgenous Bird, the Cocoabo
Patrick Star, Spongebob's Boyfriend Patrick Star, Spongebob's Boyfriend, the Star Starfish
Mi nombre es Numero-Ganador Mi nombre es Numero-Ganador, the Hovering Sombrero (note: his name in English is "My name is Stat-Gainer")
Double Cheeseburger, Hold the Me Double Cheeseburger, Hold the Me, the Ghost Pickle on a Stick
Akeelah and the Me (movie reference) Akeelah and the Me (movie reference), the Killer Bee
The Familiar From Canadia, Eh? The Familiar From Canadia, Eh?, the Whirling Maple Leaf
Too Sour, It Needs Some Sugar Too Sour, It Needs Some Sugar, the Clockwork Grapefruit
Only One-Fourth of an NPZR :( Only One-Fourth of an NPZR :(, the MagiMechTech MicroMechaMech
Potatoes with Third-Degree Burns Potatoes with Third-Degree Burns, the Flaming Gravy Fairy
The Ghost of Fairies PastThe Ghost of Fairies Past, the Spooky Gravy Fairy
Rocky XXXVII Rocky XXXVII, the Pet Rock
Hooters Hooters the Big-Eyed, the Snowy Owl
Theodore Roosevelt the 26th President Theodore Roosevelt the 26th President, the Teddy Bear
Grandma Hunter's Somewhat Good Dentures Grandma Hunter's Somewhat Good Dentures, the Wind-up Chattering Teeth
Paul Neil Milne Johnstone of Redbridge Paul Neil Milne Johnstone of Redbridge, the Origami Towel Crane
Erodoeth Tlevesoor the 666th President Erodoeth Tlevesoor the 666th President, the Evil Teddy Bear
Rocky Balboa, the New Rocky Movie Rocky Balboa, the New Rocky Movie, the Toothsome Rock

My Ascension History!

This is my ascension history. It contains a list of my completed ascensions, the ascensions I plan on doing, and all of the skills in the game (highlighting the ones I've gotten). Why? Cuz I feel like it.

My Completed Ascensions

I haven't actually done any ascensions yet. I'm getting the Black Hole Terrarium and Big Boat trophies first. But there's still a chart here!

Number Date Level Class Sign Adventures Days Path Skill taken
1 11/16/06 16 Pastamancer N/A 13,821 111 Normal, No Path Pastamastery
I got Big Boat AND Black Hole Terrarium. Many many turns there. Future ascensions will be much faster.

My Future Ascensions

I will be completing this soon. As soon as I get a hold of this whole ascension thing.
This chart is smaller than the ascension chart. It's mostly a reference for me so I know what skill to take/class. That means that you don't need to read it.

Number Class Skill I'll take Skill Level Sign Path
2 Seal Clubber Pulverize 15 The Opossum Normal, No Path
DOING IT NOW! Failed in getting Boss Boss (forgot to turn it up). But that's OK. Whatever.
3 Disco Bandit Advanced Cocktailcrafting 5 The Vole Normal, No Path
I'm gonna get a Spooky Gravy Fairy, Sleazy Gravy Fairy, and the Let My Bugbears Go! trophy. Oh, and of course the random gravy fairy. NOTE FOR ME: If I fail in getting the Let My Bugbears Go! trophy, future ascensions will be The Vole until I get it.
4 Accordion Thief Ode to Booze 12 The Opossum Normal, No Path
5 Sauceror Advanced Saucecrafting 5 The Platypus Normal, No Path
Nothing special.
6 Pastamancer Transcendental Noodlecraft 15 The Platypus Normal, No Path
This is Part 1 of Operation: Preparatiogn for 5 straight Gnomish ascegnsions. This way I cagn be a Mysticality class (agnd therefore access the Wok). Hi mein, here I come!
7 Sauceror The Way of Sauce 15 The Platypus Normal, No Path
This is Part 2 of Operation: Preparatiogn. I can now make hi mein if I am of a Mysticality class. Which I plan to do.
8 Mysticality class Torso Awaregness N/A The Blender Normal, No Path
I thignk that Torso Awaregness is the most importagnt of the gnome skills. Therefore, it is my first gnome skill I will permagnegnt.
9 Mysticality class Powers of Observation N/A The Blender Normal, No Path
Item drops are important, because I'm going to get the Gadget Inspector trophy.
10 Mysticality class Gnomish Hardigness N/A The Blender Normal, No Path
Since I'm being Mysticality classes, HP is a lot more important than MP.
11 Mysticality class Gnefarious Pickpocketing N/A The Blender Normal, No Path
Meat is better than MP as a Mysticality class.
12 Mysticality class Cosmic Ugnderstanding N/A The Blender Normal, No Path
This is the ascension where I am going to get two trophies! TWO! Oh, and no more Gnomad Camp. Back to the Opossum. Why? Because it rocks.

This is where my future ascensions end for now.

The Almighty Skills Chart

This chart contains all skills and the skills I have permanented.
(P) = Permanent
(F) = Future ascension permanent (look above)

Lvl Seal Clubber Turtle Tamer Pastamancer Sauceror Disco Bandit Accordion Thief
0 Seal Frenzy Patience-ot-Tort ManiMeditation SauContemplation DisAerobics Moxie-ot-Mariachi
1 Hide-ot-Otter Headbutt Minor Ray Stream-o-Sauce DisEye-Poke MoxMadrigal
2 Claws-ot-Otter Skin-ot-Leatherback Entang.Noodles Saucy Salve OS-o-SelfPreservation MagMojoMelody
3 Tongue-ot-Otter Amphib.Sympathy Lasagna Bandages Expert Panhandling Disco Nap CletCant-o-Celerity
4 Thrust-Smack Ghostly Shell eXtreme Ray Elemental Sphere DisDan-o-Doom PowerBall-ot-Arrow
5 Meatsmithing Armorcraftiness (P) Pastamastery (F) Saucecrafting (F) Cocktailcrafting Polka-o-Plenty
6 Eye-ot-Stoat Tenacity-ot-Snap SprinFusilli Saucestorm Nimble Fingers JackassSym-o-Destruct
7 Hide-ot-Walrus Kneebutt Spirit-o-Rigatoni Jalapeño Sphere DDII:ElectBoogaloo FLeo'sPhatLoot
8 Claws-ot-Walrus Empathy-ot-Newt Cone-o-What Wave-o-Sauce LootingSkillz BrawnyAbsorb
9 Tongue-ot-Walrus ReptilFortit Spirit-o-Ravioli Spiciness DisPowerNap Psalm-o-Pointiness
10 LungThrust-Smack Shieldbutt Weap-ot-Pastalord Jabañero Sphere Face Stab SD'sShan-o-Superior
11 Rage-ot-Reindeer Wisdom-ot-Tort Leash-o-Linguini Saucegeyser Crossbow Fever Aloy'Anti-o-Aptitude
12 Dual-Wielding Astral Shell CannelCocoon Sauciness Dual-Item Use (F) Ode to Booze
13 ColdResist. SpookyResist. HotResist. StenchResist. SleazeResist. Sonata-o-Sneak
14 Musk-ot-Moose Hero-ot-Half-Shell Flavour-o-Magic Seasoning SmoothMove Carl'sCan-o-Confront
15 (F) Pulverize Tao-ot-Terra (F) Wok of Ages (F) Way-o-Sauce Nash Crosby Urk'sAria-o-Annoy
Man Snarl-ot-Wolf SpectSnapper FearFettucini Scarysauce Tango-o-Terror Dirge-o-Dread
Spec (F) Torso Awaregness, (F) Gnomish Hardigness, (F) Cosmic Ugnderstanding, (F) Powers of Observatiogn, (F) Gnefarious Pickpocketing, CLEESH, Chronic Indigestion