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Annotated Sample 6-day Hardcore Run (NS 11)

For newer ascenders, the hardest part of improving your hardcore runs is learning how to coordinate your tasks in a good no-path run. Each day, you have to balance food and booze consumption with quest progression, all while trying to maximize your stat gains. This guide will take you through a sample 7-day Hardcore No-Path ascension, showing you how one experienced player balances these daily tasks when playing on an account with a limited number of permanent skills. In addition to suggesting techniques for play, this guide will also attempt to pass along the thought process that goes into improving your level of play.


  • This run was started on 2/23/08 by #1316043


This will be my 8th hardcore ascension, and I already have the following Hardcore Permanent skills:

Food/Booze: Advanced Saucecrafting - Pastamastery - Advanced Cocktailcrafting
Familiar Buffs: Amphibian Sympathy
Passive Buffs: Mad Looting Skillz - Overdeveloped Sense of Self Preservation
AT songs: The Moxious Madrigal

These are mostly the skills you'd expect players to get early in their ascension history. Overdeveloped Sense of Self Preservation, though a good skill, is not one that I would expect newer players to have. Otherwise, this character has a decent balance of day-count reducing skills (Food/Booze) and turn-count reducing skills (Familiar and Passive Buffs). This character lacks any other miscellaneous skill, Mr. Store skill, and has access to only easily acquirable familiars.

Looking at the Kingdom of Loathing Calendar, a muscle class seems to make the most sense. Days 3 and 4 of the run will be a muscle stat day, giving extra stats during the middle of the run. Since the middle parts of a run tend to require a lot of leveling, this should be ideal.

My goal for this run is to pick up Empathy of the Newt, because it will help me get through the tower familiars and milk a few extra stats, items, and meat out of my familiars. With such good placement of Stat Days, I'm going to try for an 8-day run, but it could easily spill into 9 days depending on my luck. As you'll see later, knowing about how long your run will take will influence a number of decisions to be made.

I've jumped the gash, and picked a Turtle Tamer with the Mongoose sign so I have access to Inside Degrassi Knoll. Having this access should save me turns building a bitchin' meatcar and Smithing, and the extra substats from the Mongoose sign will be nice to have. Finally, I've selected Oxygenarian as my path-restriction. Although I plan on completing a no-path run, beginning an ascension as an oxygenarian will give me a head start when looking for my first semi-rare. Starting a run as an oxygenarian and later dropping the path restriction for an earlier semi-rare counter is referred to as oxy-dropping.

Day 1

Level 1

  • I Head on over to the Toot Oriole to pick up my care package. My last run was casual, so all I get is a single pork gem and clover. I can't use them gem for anything, so I auto-sell it for the 500 meat.
  • I send a message to chatbot to see if the hermit has clovers today, and Frabjous day! He has one.
  • With only one AT buff, I can't make much use out of a Rock and Roll Legend, but I probably will want to make my Turtle Tamer's Legendary Epic Weapon. This means I'll need at least 1 clover for the big rock, 1 worthless trinket for the chisel, a stolen accordion to play the moxious madrigal, and as many spices as I can for food.
  • I buy some chewing gum and hit the sewers: worthless knick-knack on my first adventure. If I wanted to, I could use my clover to visit the Lucky Sewer and gurantee myself a spices, stolen accordion, and worthless trinket for the hermit's clover. But I'll need at least two more trinkets down the road for dinghy planks and sweet rims, so I'll save the clover and see what else I can fish out.
  • I spent two more turns in the sewers and got two more trinkets.
  • That was a lucky pull, but I still want an accordion, so I spend one more turn at the sewers with my ten-leaf clover. I get a stolen accordion, spices, and a worthless trinket.
  • I'm pretty low on meat, and although I've got a bunch of trinkets now, I think I'll hold off on buying the hermit permits until I need to.
  • It's about time I started some real adventuring. Before I do, however, I should check in with the Bounty Hunter Hunter. Today's bounties are in the Haunted Pantry, Cobb's Knob Treasury, and Castle in the Sky.
  • This gives me an interesting choice: I can either adventure in the Haunted Pantry or Cobb's Knob. Let's look at the benefits of each.
  • The Haunted Pantry gives me a chance to earn a lucre and some tomatoes for pasta. Cobb's Knob, on the other hand, will lead to at least one gourd potion. Both places can yield a chef's hat and are neccessary for quest progression.
  • I chose the Haunted Pantry because I'll be worrying about food soon, and the tomatoes will be very helpful.
  • I take my volleyball and head to the haunted pantry for 7 turns.
  • I've hit level 2, snagged 2 tomatoes, and found 4 of 13 shredded can labels for the lucre.

Level 2

  • Now that I'm back above 500 meat, I think I'll splurge on a detuned radio. Extra monster level will provide a few extra substats in each fight, though I will have to adjust it if the fights get too difficult.
  • This is a nice opportunity to make use of my one AT skill, so I'll cast Moxious Madrigal on myself. The extra 10 moxie from this buff is so cheap and handy that I'll try to keep the buff on for most of the rest of the run.
  • I'm going to need to buy an E-Z Cook Oven eventually, so I'm going to try and find the mosquito larva before continuing in the haunted pantry.
  • After 6 turns in the Spooky Forest, I've got my larva and some more spices I found at the forked non-combat adventure.
  • Now it's back to the pantry for 11 turns looking for that lucre. I've opened the rest of the manor, found two more tomatoes, but I'm still only at 8 of 13 shredded can labels.
  • At this point, I need to worry about getting some food ready. I've only 11 adventures remaining, I still lack an oven, and I'm not yet level 3. To the guild house!
  • I spend two adventures to pass the first guild challenge, failing once with 8 muscle. Using the two enchanted barbells puts me just shy of Level 3, and selling the concentrated magicalness pill puts me 200 meat shy of an oven.
  • With only 9 adventures remaining, I realize I'm not going to have the MP to summon dry noodles anyways, so it's time for a change of plan: the Barrel Full of Barrels.
  • My hope is that the booze I pick up at the barrels will provide enough turns to get me to 10 MP for Pastamastery.
  • First turn is a Mimic, ouch! I restore 1 HP at Doc Galactic and try seven more times: 1 more mimic, 3 explosions, 1 super sletzer, 1 stat booster, and 1 salty dog. Double ouch.
  • With 1 turn left, I'd really like to hit Level 3 without consuming anything. Let's see what the haunted pantry can do.
  • Level 3! Also, I got another can label (9/13) and tomato.

Level 3

  • Time to drop that path restriction and eat and drink! 1 salty dog and 2 stalks of asparagus yield 7 adventures and some much needed mysticality substats.
  • Eating a fortune cookie gives another adventure and the following numbers: 223, 78, 78. Here we see the benefit of oxy-dropping: My first semi-rare will come on the 119th adventure of the run, instead of somewhere closer to the 180th.
  • With 8 adventures left, this will be a desperate struggle to get fill my stomach and liver. Perhaps the Haunted Kitchen will help out.
  • After 4 adventures, I walk out of the Haunted Kitchens with a stale baguette, ancient frozen dinner, and a bottle of cooking sherry. Down the hatch they go, for 11 more adventures.
  • Although I'd hate to do it, it looks like the only other source of booze for me today will be the second row of the Barrels.
  • 4 adventures in the middle row yields 4 bottles of tequila. I drink 3 for 9 adventures.
  • With 20 adventures to go, I'd really like to finish that lucre, and it would be nice to finally make some pasta.
  • 9 turns later, I pick up a lucre! Unfortunately, I'm still pretty far away from affording an oven.
  • I'll need to spend some time in the Spooky Forest anyways, so perhaps I'll get some more meat there.
  • After 7 adventures, I've picked up the Spooky Temple map and can finally afford an oven!
  • With the help of some glittery mascara and that super seltzer I found, I summon 1 dry noodles and cook boring spaghetti. Pasta for dinner for 5 adventures.
  • 8 more adventures in the Spooky Forest brings in another spices, 3 spooky mushrooms, a bar skin, and some wooden stakes.
  • I'd like to save the mushrooms for lo mein down the road, so I choke down two tomatoes, drink my tequila as a nightcap, and call it a day.
  • Before logging, I remember to spend my last meat on a hermit permit to pick up that one clover I'll need for the big rock.

End of day 1 stats and summary

  • Level 3 (11/9/7)
  • Spent 73 adventures, banked 5 for tomorrow
  • Opened Manor, 2/3 done opening the Hidden Temple, have 3 trinkets

In hindsight, going for the lucre did a lot of damage to my run. Saving the lucre for tomorrow and spending today at Cobb's Knob and the Spooky Forest would have been preferable.

Planning for Day 2

Day 2

  • I check the bounty hunter hunter: Sleazy Back Alley, Pirate's Cove, Penultimate Fantasy Airship. None of these will fit in today, but I'll grab the pirates anyways in case tomorrow's bounties are even worse.
  • I need stats and meat, among other things. While I'm still low on meat for staying healed I think I'll finish up opening the Hidden Temple, and maybe get some bottles of used blood on the way.
  • 20 darn adventures later and I've opened up the Hidden Temple. On the bright side, 3 bottles of used blood puts me at Level 4, and I'm now a few spooky mushrooms and spices heavier than before!

Level 4

  • My first order of business is to head back to the guild hall on get my 1000 meat from Terri. I'm going to use this to pay for MP to summon dry noodles and get my Epic weapon.
  • After one turn at the Lemon Party Slots with my ten-leaf clover I trade my second of four worthless trinkets to the hermit for a chisel.
  • In-a-box down at the Degrassi Knoll was cool enough to make me a Mace of the Tortoise! While there, I get the Plunger to make me a Barskin Tent.
  • Now that I'm a little tougher and I have about 1000 meat in my coffers, it's time to secure some food and booze. Since booze was my killer yesterday, I'll do that first.
  • The typical tavern satisfies both a booze and quest requirement, so I'll go for this.
  • It takes 19 adventures, but I shut the faucet off and walk out of there with 3 new screwdrivers, a bottle of gin, and a couple ice-cold willers.
  • With 5 adventures left, I need to keep an eye on that semi-rare; it should be coming up in 5 adventures. I'm going to need to eat or drink something before I can pick up that semi-rare.
  • I'll have 3 dry noodles to work with today, and I want to leave room to use them all, so I grab a skewer from the bakery and cook myself a nice spooky shroomkabob. Down the hatch for 3 adventures.
  • I'm going to want to start thinking about making a chef-in-the-box at some point, so while I wait for the semi-rare, I should spend some time in the Mispelled Cemetery.
  • 4 turns in the Mispelled Cemetery with my Frozen Gravy Fairy turns up nothing useful, but my semi-rare comes up right on time. This early in the run, good food and booze is valuable, so I take the Knob Goblin lunchbox at Cobb's Knob.
  • Using the lunchbox gives me 2 Knob pasties and a thermos full of Knob Coffee, which should be enough to keep me going for a little while. Gobbling the batch yields 20 more adventures.
  • There are a lot of tasks still on my plate for today; I want to play through the Cemetery on my quest to build a chef-in-the-box, but I'd also like to secure the knob encryption key so I can get into Cobb's Knob as soon as possible. I'll see if I can finish this Cemetery business first.
  • 15 adventures gets me Fernswarthy's Key and 500 meat from the guild, but I'm still lacking any smart skull and I'm still looking at the bottom of my adventures. If I want to kick my consumption into high gear, I need some meat to summon some dry noodles and garnishes.
  • At a price of 340 meat, Doc Galactic will sell me some MP to summon with. Or, one advenutre of rest at my campground will give me the same result. Since I'll need 60 MP, I can't really afford the 1020 meat bill on top of a cocktailcrafting kit at the moment. It looks like I'll be breaking the "No Resting" rule of ascension, but then, it's the exception that makes the rule, don't you know?
  • 3 turns of rest with glittery mascara yield 3 dry noodles, 2 little paper umbrellas, and 1 coconut shell. Before I get carried away, I should eat.
  • 3 turns of baking produce 3 boring spaghetti, and slurp them up for 19 adventures. Although the spaghetti has a lower adventure per fullness than spicy noodles, I'd rather save the spices for making lo mein later on, and I could use the substats from the spaghetti.
  • Some cranberries and a fortune cookie finish my eating for the day with 2 more adventures. My next semi-rare should be at turn 291.
  • Before drinking up, I remember that I'm going to want a bartender-in-a-box someday, too, so while my booze is of poor quality, I should try to get some beer lenses.
  • Ouch, the beer lens cost 4 turns and 3 drunkenness, but at least I have them for later.
  • The Barrel Full of Barrels was mean to me yesterday, but perhaps today it will provide some mixers for my little paper umbrellas.
  • 6 turns spent yield only a whiskey sour and 2 unmixable drinks.
  • One whiskey sour, one adventure, and one coconut shell produce my first decent drink: a fuzzbump!
  • In preparation for tomorrow's stat day, I might as well drink up and save my adventuring for tomorrow.
  • A rum and cola, redrum, screwdriver, ice-cold willer, and fuzzbump give me 32 adventures and bump me to Level 5.

End of day 2 stats and summary

  • Level 5 (20/15/15)
  • Spent 78 adventures, banked 43 for tomorrow

Still moving slowly, but hopefully that will change.

Plan for Day 3

Day 3

  • Yeah, clovers are here. I start the day clovering the Kitchen to get a Knob Kitchen grab-bag, which gets me some sausages and some spices. I eat a sausage reagent dish and hell ramen, which is just enough get me another precious Moxie point. Then it's back into The Dark Neck of the Woods to finish that quest. Just to taunt me, the RNG gives me the dodecagram that I wanted so desperately at the end of yesterday on the first turn. I stay there anyway until I have the wussiness potion and the ruby W. Perform the ritual, get Liver of Steel, and now I'm done with that area.
  • Now I just need the booze to drink that hard. Summoning cocktails, I can finally upgrade one of my old drinks from day 1. Into the Barrel for more ingredients, that gets me two more matches. So now my drunkenness is at 12. I really should make two more advanced drinks, and I have two coconut shells and some magical ice cubes.

Level 7

  • At this point, in order to make any more booze, I'd need more bottles and fruit. Fruit I can get very efficiently from the hippy island with a clover; booze is more of a problem. Given all that, a trip to the second row of the barrel seems in order, which I normally don't do. Remember, I want as many turns as possible left for stat day, so wasting time looking for booze elsewhere doesn't fit my agenda. Good score right from the beginning at the barrel--2 vodkas, a rum, and some gin in four turns. Looking at the Advanced Cocktailcrafting chart, almost any fruit would be helpful, so I get a clover and visit the hippies. The fruit bowl gives me a lemon and cranberries. Ugh, a low and worthless yield, bad RNG! I get another clover and try again. This time it's two oranges, a strawberry, and some non-cocktail fruit; that's better. It's enough to use all my existing cocktail finishers and make three advanced drinks, which will give me a head start on tomorrow.
  • With all the RNG abuse I've been taking, it's obvious this is going to be a 6 day run. That means I need 6 more ingredients to make reagent foods. I'd like to get most of those today while I can clover into the kitchen to earn them; the rest I'll pick up by spending extra time at the Goatlet (I'll be hard pressed anyway to move onto Yetis early this run with my limited skillset). I want to accumulate clovers until I have those, plus another to stash for the NS quest. I also want a big rock, and in addition, I'd like one spare clover. I may decide to use it to get a Knob Goblin Perfume, if that area gets to be a drag, or I may use it for more reagent dishes. It's back into the Treasury to get enough meat for all the hermit permits and chewing gum.
  • Three kitchen grab bags get me 9 reagent dish ingredients, which is more than enough. I stash two extra clovers.
  • Now I have to consider taking a run at The Daily Dungeon, because getting either a key or a buff item would be helpful progress. I check some [KoL news] and see what areas I'll face. I consult the Daily Dungeon Stat Tests and discover none of the stat tests will be a problem except the locked door. Luckily my earlier time at the Cemetery left me with two skeleton keys, so no problems there. I breeze through and get my first key.
  • Nothing else that has to be done today, and tomorrow is stat day, so I call it quits. I do have three fullness left. If I had any tomatoes left I'd have made a plain pizza instead, or used spices for spicy noodles but I don't. Instead I gobble two leftover hot wings I kept from the Friars, then finish off the day with a fortune cookie. It tells me I should be hitting The Daily Dungeon. Hello? Last adventure was right there? Duh!
  • Drink a final advanced drink and I'm all finished.

End of day 3 stats and summary

  • Turns played: 392. Turns banked for tomorrow: 98. Would have liked more, but wanted to grab all the clovers I needed now which cost me many turns. I've done too many runs where there's only one clover day the whole time to deviate from that strategy.

Plan for Day 4

  • Eat 12 fullness of reagent stat food to start day. Should be able to finish the day with pizza of some sort.
  • Quick trip to the barrels, grab whatever booze I can, may come across more before the day is out.
  • Accumulate the Filthy Hippy Disguise, to unlock plentiful reagent potions and make booze easier to cope with.
  • Finally kill off the Goblin King. Use that reward to obtain Elemental Saucesphere, the skill I want to earn this run, which is 3200 meat.
  • Clear The Cyrpt and try to complete the Trapper quest.
  • Try to advance to level 9 to read the leaflet on stat day.

Day 4: Stat Day!

  • Today is a Mysticality stat day.
  • As planned, I eat my 12 fullness of reagent food and head into the barrels. I get two matches on the cocktails there, plus my leftover drink from yesterday gives me 12 drunkenness. The spare cocktail ingredient today is a coconut shell, will have to farm specifically to get useful booze for that.
  • 219 adventures is my total, with a few more expected from food and booze before I'm done for the day.
  • Since The Hippy Camp is so hard to adventure in, I decide to complete the White Citadel Quest instead. That may give me some of the Hippy outfit parts I need, and the enemies there actually drop meat. While there are lots of non-combats there, the stat gains on them is higher than any place I can adventure in safely right now.
  • After 40 adventures, I've moved well along into the middle of level 7, I have the entire Hippy outfit, and I've saved up 700 meat. Now it's time to start working on the Goblin king. After a few turns, I have the outfit, I just need the perfume. With such small stat gains in this area, I don't want to waste time here on a stat day, so I burn the spare clover I saved yesterday to get the perfume. I'm still a little weak to actually kill the king, I'll return shortly for that.
  • The next area to hit is the Cyrpt. With a Moxie that buffs to at most 58, and only weak spells available, the monsters there will shred me. This is why I wanted the Hippy Outfit! I could use Chronic Indigestion here, but that gets expensive fast and I want to be saving meat right now, not spending it. I buy two olives to make serum of sarcasm, and now I have 20 turns where nobody there can touch me. With the potion active, I start with the harder areas and work my way back. Only takes me 9 turns to burn through all the mini-bosses. Then I bop back to kill the Goblin King. Now my buffed Moxie is up to 99, so The Bonerdagon is easy to finish as well. With the remaining turns of Superhuman Sarcasm, I head into Menagerie 3 to collect some booze.

Level 8

  • Onto level 8 with 153 turns left. I purchase Elemental Saucesphere as planned and equip my new Badass Belt. Now I'm set to enter the Mines without being hittable. Accumulate the mining outfit, then back in for mining. During the turns I'm beaten up, I push through The Daily Dungeon; with the Elemental protection now, I can pass many challenges without an issue, and I have plenty of skeleton keys from the Cyrpt. Pretty sneaky, huh?
  • Now I can take on the Goats. Equipping my shiny new asbestos staff, my Moxie buffs up to 72. I equip the miner's helmet to get the goats to drop as much as possible, but it's too tough. Inevitably, I get beaten up again, which lets me finish off the Daily Dungeon and find a second key. This time I return with the Knob Goblin visor equipped, and that extra 3 Moxie makes the Goats much easier going. Periodically I run out of meat for buffs, and have to drop back to the Starfish for a turn to recharge; that's pretty efficient with enemies that have this many HP. Again, I wouldn't have this problem with a combo meat drop familiar.
  • It takes me 30 turns before I get a single goat cheese. To get all 6, it's a grueling 77 turns of just surviving every combat with enough meat to go on, occasionally having to fall back on the Starfish for buffs, trying not to get beaten up while not wasting resources. Luckily today the Bounty Hunter is buying penguin skin, so I can immediately turn everything the Trapper gives me as a reward into meat.
  • I eat the goat cheese pizza and finish off my food for the day. I also have plenty of whiskey to use my leftover coconut shell with, and drink to 19 as well. I end up with 83 turns left for the day. I want to spend as many of them as possible toasting monsters at The Icy Peak.
  • Chronic Indigestion is my weapon of choice. My ascension reward, the stainless steel skullcap, is perfect for this: it raises my HP considerably so I can survive a pounding while I just use chronic on everybody. It's just enough that I can kill even the difficult rams when they get first strike in.
  • The fighting gets boring so I script it with KolMafia. It's very easy to forget to heal completely when you have to do it one Ailment Ointment at a time; using the Bot keeps me from making mistakes like that.
  • Without a combo familiar, I'm losing about 100 meat every adventure. Good thing I started with a bunch. Trading in skins at the bounty hunter is just enough to keep me going.
  • I have one combat to go against me and I get beaten up. I fall back to the Laboratory, which lets me search for (and find, happily) scrumptious reagents for use later. Once you've got the chef going and the hippy outfit, you've paid all the overhead for reagent use--every one you get after that is gold.

Level 9

  • I cross level 9 with 60 adventures to spare. Of course I immediately read the leaflet and use the magic word, which means I got both of the big stat gain single items here on stat day as planned.
  • Since I already drank to 19, it's too dangerous to actually advance to the valley today, but that was never my plan--I wanted the big stat boost from the Peak instead for as much as possible. I do decide to drop back to the Island for long enough to accumulate the outfit, because I'm running low on meat to sustain the peak anyway and I'd like to get this out of the way.
  • My plan to not unlock the valley turns out to be a very bad move. Without the meat generation of a combo familiar, I find it extremely difficult to finance the long stay at the Peak, and end up having to fall back to easier areas when I run out of meat. I should have drunk about 12 or so until I was running out of adventures for the day, so I'd have had the options either way. I blame being spoiled by the Mr. Store familiars.
  • Without any meat or any way to obtain meat easily, I get pounded at the Peak. It's sure not like the old Yeti-only peak, as Snow Queens kick my butt without dropping anything useful. My last 40 turns for the day are awful, as I repeatedly get beaten up and have to fall back to places like the Treasury for meat, only to not quite recover fully and get beaten up again. I end the day beating myself up on a fumble. Brew a decent second level cocktail, and I'm done.

The basic rule I violated here is this one: anytime you're near level 9, never drink more booze than you absolutely have to for turns. You'll regularly get 2 drunkenness looking for the abridged dictionary, and one particularly unlucky run I got 4. The reward at the end of the Valley quest is so large, especially on runs without a lot of meat generation, that you want to grab it as soon as it possible

End of day 4 stats and summary

  • Muscle 53.
  • Myst 74.
  • Moxie 49.
  • Turns played: 646. Turns banked for tomorrow: 7. I'll be extremely lucky to finish this one in 6 days now; that mess at the peak on stat day really cost me.

Plan for Day 5

  • Have stat food to eat with milk of magnesium to start the day
  • See if I get the 3rd key I need; if not, start working on a wand.
  • Head right into The Obligatory Pirate's Cove to get the abridged dictionary, then cocktailcraft to fullness. Don't expect to need the barrels.

Day 5

  • Start out drinking milk of magnesium, a double dose of gnocchetti di Nietzsche, and a tasty insanely spicy bean burrito. Before I drink anything, I get the abridged dictionary so I know how much drunkenness I have to spare. Now it's into the Valley.
  • With a buffed Moxie of 85, most enemies can't hit me. I wear the Miner's Helmet to improve drops. After 17 turns, I can complete the quest, but still need a lowercase N. By the time one of those drops, I have 2 of the 3 parts necessary to make a 31337 scroll. Rather than repeat my premature trip into the Peak, I stay a few more turns looking for either another N or to finish the scroll. After another ten, I finish the scroll and move on.
  • I autosell the facsimile dictionary, then purchase Wave of Sauce and a Codex of Capsaicin Conjuration. I make and consume the rest of my drinks, having IPAs to get me to 18 drunkenness, and swallow and Ram's Face Lager to reach 19. Now I'm ready for the Yetis with 118 turns to go.
  • Because MP is cheap for me, but healing isn't, this radically changes the dynamics of my meat situation; now I'm almost breaking even for my time at the Peak after I autosell everything I don't need.
  • With 72 turns left, I'm almost out of meat. But I'm almost at the 10th level, too, so I make sure to get an enchanted bean.

Level 10

  • 69 turns, I reach level 10. There is no way I can ascend today, so I might as well wait until tomorrow to move on after I've gotten the stat gains from food/drink. I burn through the Daily Dungeon though, and get the 3rd key I need. Now there's very little reason to get a wand; the only thing I might want it for is a barbed-wire fence. Given my meat situation, I'd rather take that chance; the 6000 meat a wand costs buys 12 trips to the shore looking for a fence.

End of day 5 stats and summary

  • Muscle 61.
  • Myst 85.
  • Moxie 58.
  • Turns played: 757. Turns banked for tomorrow: 67.

Plan for Day 6

Climb the beanstalk and see if I can ascend!

Day 6

  • Food is basically same as previous day, milk of magnesium, a double dose of reagent food, and a tasty insanely spicy bean burrito.
  • It's easy enough to make three advanced cocktails from my inventory. The Micromicrobrewery has very good drinks for sale today, so I add two of those, then some Ram's Face Lager to reach 19 drunkenness.
  • That gives me 233 turns to play today. My Moxie buffs to 100 which makes the Airship pretty easy with Wave of Sauce.
  • Since I'm still poor, I sell the Codex of Capsaicin Conjuration to raise meat. Once I start on the Castle with Reagent potions, I'll have the meat to purchase the Kickback one instead.
  • There are still occasional moments when I run out of meat, so I drop back to using the Starfish at the Ninja Snowmen to get a big MP recharge as I run low; I get some handy frigid ninja stars while I'm there. Another useful tactic is switching to the Leprechaun for a turn or two to recharge. Super-spiky hair gel is a big help when I come across it
  • With 182 adventures left, I finally get the S.O.C.K. Since I have 17 reagents left, I brew up a lot of Superhuman Sarcasm using olives from the The Hippy Store. I almost have enough for the entire rest of the day. With a buffed Moxie of 155, I'm almost untouchable in the Giant's castle. I buy a lead yo-yo as the ranged weapon to attack with.
  • Once I come across it, I turn the wheel clockwise for the Myst bonus, and leave it there until my stats are high enough. After 70 adventures, my Myst is up to 102, and I decide to start turning the wheel to move on. I use my extra meat to buy a kickback cookbook and equip that.
  • At The Hole in the Sky, my buffed Moxie is 164. That's enough to safely combat everyone except The Astronomer and the harder monsters like The Hooded Warrior. When I come across him, I use the Wave of Sauce (augmented with the cookbook) to finish him off before he kills me. To lower my spending on healing, I also pick up Saucy Salve now. When going against the weaker monsters that only only hit me with a critical, I use that skill the recharge all my health so I'm fresh for the tough enemies.
  • When I run out of meat, I switch to the Leprechaun and return to the Giant's Castle for a bit. Bopping between the two, with 74 adventures left I'm done with the star equipment.

Level 11

  • Still need one more Moxie point before I can progress far into the Lair. Since the barbed-wire fence is my biggest fear, as I get extra meat from the Castle I hit the Large Donkey Mountain Ski Resort, which advances the Moxie and has a shot at giving me the fence. On the second adventure, there's the fence. Now the most difficult to get item I'm missing is the lowercase N, so I spend time in the Valley until I cross 67 moxie. I get the extra N, which is a big bonus. I hang out just a bit longer to finish up another 31337 scroll, which gives me hermit items to build the Disco Banjo I needed. Beats looking in the sewer for items!
  • Now the only three tower items I don't have are sonar-in-a-biscuit, razor-sharp can lid, and spider web--all easy drops. So it's back to the Castle looking for more meat and that final Moxie point.
  • With 53 turns left, I cross 67 moxie and head into the Lair.
  • After using the skeleton key, I Untinker it to make the bone rattle. You only need one skeleton bone here. Similar tricks are documented in the Hardcore Checklist page.
  • Re-equipping for the Hedge Maze gives me a Moxie of 179, not quite high enough to be completely safe. With so many turns left and very few missing tower items, I feel comfortable using goofballs to get the extra boost. They're free!
  • I use a gravy fairy familiar for the Hedge, because I want a maze drop every turn. Clear the maze and head into the tower with 45 turns left. I switch to the Hovering Sombrero familiar, which will bring my lagging Moxie up to 70 before I get to the top. I also use the Knob Goblin Elite Guard Uniform, which I didn't have the meat to really use before, and buy a Knob Goblin pet-buffing spray to make him a little heavier even.
  • There's the cow, so it's good I found the fence.
  • First five tower enemies drop easily, then I have to drop back to the The Sleazy Back Alley to get some spider webs. Easy enough.
  • Clearing out the Chamber, I use all my HP buffs and kill the shadow. With the pet buffing spray, any familiar gets to 21 pounds. I pick one of the 5 NS familiar (so I might get lucky and not lose HP) and head into the chamber again. Switch familiars around a bit, all done.
  • Now it's just the NS. I have plenty of turns left, but no resources. Not much meat, no acid-squirting flower, and my best attack familiar is, hilariously enough, my stinky gravy fairy--at least that has some pounds on it. I drop back to the Airship with the Leprechaun (because meat is my big concern) for a bit to build a stash.
  • With 15 turns left, I feel like I've got a good shot at the NS. But past experience says I'm going to lose at least my first three attempts. I so throw the fight--I go in there planning to lose, knowing that between my soft green echo eyedrop antidote and tiny houses I can get beaten up three times and shrug it off.
  • Remember--I'm trying to ascend today, period. I don't care about number of turns or playing fair, I'm just playing the game to accomplish that goal, period. I continue to alternate between accumulating resources as the Airship and going into the Lair to get beaten up until I'm down to 5 turns left. I know it's time to finish her off because the damage done to me each round by the NS has just dropped dramatically.
  • With 20 Doc Galaktik's Homeopathic Elixirs and plenty of plot holes, it's a fairly easy fight. At 992 turns, the NS is done and I'm finished with this run. It was easily accomplished in 6 days; with these skills and no Mr. Store combo familiar, a 5 day run is still out of reach for now. That's a nice drop from the previous best 1040 turns with this character, and I know I could have made the run faster if that was my priority. I was playing very conservatively this run just to make sure I got it done on-time, so I can move on to getting the next skill.
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