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Hojo Hominygrits (#196078) has been playing since August 2004. In real life he collects (and likes to download) out-of-print vinyl, and accidently happened on the Kingdom Of Loathing after clicking on a link on Boozerbear's "Album of the Moment" webpage. He was immediately sucked into the game by its sarcastic humor, and was delighted to find references to his old favorites games Hack / Nethack and Colossal Caverns. His game-related interests include collecting white lightning and meat cowboy hats.

His biggest KoL wish is for white lightning to become a cocktail crafting ingredient, so that he can make a moonshine martini.

His interests outside the game include:

  • History
  • Music
  • Campin'
  • Cookin'
  • Beer Drinkin'

He generally hangs out in /clan, /hardcore, /pvp and /normal

Proud member of Jicken Wings