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Bottomright.gif Itznotyerzitz Mine Choice Adventures
100% Legal   A Flat Miner   See You Next Fall
Demand loot miner's helmet Loot the dwarf's belongings miner's pants Give 'im the stick miner's helmet
Ask for ore miner's pants Hijack the meat vein 7-Foot Dwarven mattock DOOOOON'T GIVE 'IM THE STICK! 7-Foot Dwarven mattock
Say you'll keep quiet for free 100 Meat Help the dwarf 100 Meat Negotiate for a reward 100 Meat

Cove.gif The Obligatory Pirate's Cove Choice Adventures
Amatearrr Night   Barrie Me at Sea   The Arrrbitrator
What's orange and sounds like a parrot? stuffed shoulder parrot Help Sammy Skillet stuffed shoulder parrot Vote for Jack Robinson eyepatch
So a pirate walks into a bar... 100 Meat Help Captain Ladle swashbuckling pants Vote for Sergeant Hook swashbuckling pants
What's gold and sounds like a pirate? eyepatch Help the crocodile 100 Meat Vote for the Dread Pirate Bob 100 Meat

Heavy/light door

The three gates

Gate One: Effect Needed: Obtained from:
Gate of Hilarity Comic Violence Gremlin juice
Gate of Humility Wussiness wussiness potion, Yummy Tummy bean
Gate of Morose Morbidity and Moping Rainy Soul Miasma thin black candle, Yummy Tummy bean, picture of a dead guy's girlfriend
Gate of Slack Extreme Muscle Relaxation Mick's IcyVapoHotness Rub
Gate of Spirit Woad Warrior pygmy pygment
Gate of the Porcupine Spiky Hair super-spiky hair gel
Gates of The Suc Rose Sugar Rush Angry Farmer candy, marzipan skull, Tasty Fun Good rice candy, Yummy Tummy bean, stick of "gum", or Daffy Taffy
Gate of The Viper Deadly Flashing Blade adder bladder
Locked Gate Locks Like the Raven Black No. 2
Gate Two: Effect Needed: Obtained from South of the Border or Gno-Mart:
Gate of Flame Spicy Mouth jabañero-flavored chewing gum
Gate of Intrigue Mysteriously Handsome handsomeness potion
Gate of Machismo Engorged Weapon Meleegra pills
Gate of Mystery Mystic Pickleness pickle-flavored chewing gum
Gate of the Dead Hombre Muerto Caminando marzipan skull
Gate of Torment Tamarind Torment tamarind-flavored chewing gum
Gate of Zest Spicy Limeness lime-and-chile-flavored chewing gum
Gate Three: Effect Needed: Obtained from The Dungeons of Doom:
Gate of Light Izchak's Blessing Dungeons of Doom potion
Gate Of That Which is Hidden Object Detection Dungeons of Doom potion
Gate of the Mind Strange Mental Acuity Dungeons of Doom potion
Gate of the Ogre Strength of Ten Ettins Dungeons of Doom potion
Gate that is Not a Gate Teleportitis A big Q. adventure, Quantum Mechanic attack, Dungeons of Doom potion

The naughty sorceress' familiars

To beat the:Use a 20 lb:
Angry GoatMosquito
BarrrnacleAngry Goat
Levitating PotatoBarrrnacle
MosquitoSabre-Toothed Lime
Sabre-Toothed LimeLevitating Potato