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Grogum (#98049)
"Protector of the (non-existing) Civilians"


Grogum (#98049), aka "Grogum the Violent Activist", is a (somewhat) contributing member of the Kingdom of Loathing since June 06, 2004. Grogum has been on and off KoL since that time, and does not have an amazing amount of meat. However, he has lots of experience in all things KoL.

Grogum has a portion of meat that always exceeds a million, but rarely exceeds 12 million (fluctuates due to purchases): All of it hard-earned by adventuring. Grogum accepts donations, and would be very thankful for anything that you can donate to him!

Grogum prefers being a Disco Bandit, as it was the class he was originally fated to be (at the time, ascending was not possible). Since his account was created, Grogum has witnessed almost every part of KoL history since.

According to the Bar Test, Grogum is a Diamond player, and does not doubt that one bit: He has a hunger to collect everything that helps him obtain has ultimate goals (see "Grogum's Multi-lifetime Goals" for list).

Store, Clan, and Display case

  • Grogum's store is "Disco Devil's Discount Dojo". It does not see much, everything is (usually) lowest price in the mall.
  • Grogum's clan is "the kingdom of kol". They have been very kind to him.
  • Grogum's side clan is "The Missing Links". It has been around for almost as long as he has, and is currently run by Grogum's brother, Alkor.
  • Grogum's display case contains items that vary in rarity. Most beloved are Grogum's yeti protest sign, his 7 bottles of Time Juice, and his 7 pieces of awesomely cool anniversary gear.

Grogum's Collector Score

104 tattoos + 77 trophies + 84 familiars = collector score: 265... and counting. Grogum has work to do.

Discovery Score

Total Discovery Score: 929

Meat-Pasting discoveries: 141
Cooking discoveries: 310
Meatsmithing discoveries: 236
Cocktailcrafting discoveries: 130
Jewelry discoveries: 42
Miscellaneous discoveries: 70

Grogum's Perm Accomplishments

Grogum has:

  • proven himself literate.
  • completed the Most Extreme Haiku Challenge.
  • completed 24 Hardcore ascensions.
  • picked 10 pretty flowers in PvP combat.
  • spent 100 Adventures protesting the slaughter of the Knott Yetis.
  • been inoculated against the Grey Plague.
  • contributed 0 Meat to the Council's Build a Huge Cannon fund.
  • contributed 100,000 Meat to the Council's War fund.
  • contributed 3 drinks to the Council's efforts to get the Knott Yetis to breed.
  • spent 91 Adventures gazing at the stars.
  • rescued Uncle Crimbo that time he was kidnapped by Linnea.
  • saved Crimbo from Father Crimbo and his assimilated Crimborg.
  • helped defeat The Crimbomination
  • delved 1 floor into the basement on the last run before NS13 was implemented.
  • ousted the Crimbomination and reinstated Uncle Crimbo.
  • defeated 113,069 skeletons during Corman's invasion of Valhalla.
  • delved 51 floor(s) into the basement over his entire lifetime before NS13 was implemented.
  • donated 3 bricks to the rebuilding of Hagnk's.

Things that make Grogum Proud

  • Grogum has kept his store, Disco Devil's Discount Dojo, exactly as it was since it was bought in 2004.
  • Grogum's original clan, The Missing Links, still exists since its conception in 2004, headed by Grogum's brother, Alkor.
  • Grogum was around for Black Sunday, but did not bug any meat.
  • Grogum has been around this long, has seen a lot, and met many great players.

Grogum's Multi-lifetime Goals

  • Obtain all trophies still available.
  • Obtain every costume.
  • Complete his "Meat Collector" custom outfit for max meat gain.
  • Complete his "Item Collector" custom outfit for max item gain.