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  • Joined the world of KOL on Nov. 20, 2004.
  • Being a lifetime They Might Be Giants fan, owning every cd, ep, and compilation ever created by them, enjoyed the references to them in KOL and quickly became addicted.
  • Spent several months in the summer of '05 playing World of Warcraft, but eventually realized that KOL was better and uninstalled WOW from his computer, returning to KOL full time.
  • During the closing of the temporal rifts, spent over 3 million meat collecting cola wars items, hoping to make a profit later, but was left with very unvaluable items when the cola wars battlefield was left open to new ascenders.
  • Created the clan Empty Samurai in an attempt to find other kol members interested in discussing Buddhism or Bushido, being unsatisfied with their influence on all other "samurai" clans that just wanted that word to make their clan name look cooler. This clan never grew and was eventually deleted.
  • Checked Aximuth 71 70.0-78.5 finding no stars.
  • Joined the clan The Pixelated Array and is an active member in their chat and forums.
  • Is an avid trophy collector.
  • Has never, and will never create a multi.
  • Checks logs to ban anyone who buys from his store Grampa's Cellar and sells the items they buy for a higher price in their own store.