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9/73 (discounting the 6 impossible ones and the non-existent #13)

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GalenKemensen (#1754131)

ID Image Name SA State Requirement # Date Notes
1 Gonna need a smaller boat.gif Little Boat Y N Take 100 shore trips #14 23/10/2008
2 Party on the big boat.gif Big Boat Y N Take 1000 shore trips 900 trips needed (2700 Adv, 450k Meat)
3 Get oot eh.gif I Heart Canadia Y N Drink 30 white Canadians 10 20/10/2008 Actually earned a few days prior
4 Heavy lourde.gif 100 Pound Load Y N Have familiars with a total of 100 pounds 1 ~30/09/2008
5 Crushed under pets.gif 300 Pound Load Y N Have familiars with a total of 300 pounds 8 04/10/2008
6 Awwwwww.gif Silver Yeti  ? N Use the Yeti Protest Sign 10 times No longer attainable
7 Yeti pants now.gif Golden Yeti  ? N Use the Yeti Protest Sign 100 times No longer attainable
8 A dog a plan.gif Palindrophy Y Y Have a Pagoda at your campsite 2 ~30/09/2008
9 Big head todd.gif Platinum Skull N N Eat 5 bowls of spaghetti with Skullheads 9 11/10/2008
10 The nastiest cocktail.gif Disgusting Cocktail N N Drink 5 tomato daiquiris
11 Ghuolishly good.gif The Ghuol Cup N N Eat 11 pans of ghuol guolash 15 24/10/2008
12 You done took my toast.gif Der Toastdieb N N Win toast from another player in PvP
13 Does not exist
(see notes)
14 Van went.gif Easy Come Easy Go Y N Discard a pretty flower 6 ~30/09/2008
15 Dirt and dirty.gif Bouquet of Hippies N N Eat 420 piles of herb brownies 1/420
16 Angst with extra cheese.gif Weeping Pizza N N Eat 5 white chocolate and tomato pizzas 11 20/10/2008 Actually earned a few days prior
17 He aint heavy hes my familiar.gif Black Hole Terrarium Y N Have familiars with a total of 500 pounds 12 21/10/2008 First run. 32 familiars. Wow, that took long enough...
18 Shakin the bush here boss.gif Failure to Communicate N N Eat 50 Lucky Surprise Eggs 1/50
19 Nice trophy pablo honey.gif Tiny Plastic Trophy N Y Have all 32 Tiny plastic series 1 figurines in your display case Uh... yeah...
20 In a little toy shop.gif 99 Red Balloons N N Use 99 red balloons from the use multiple menu
21 Go go gadget trophy.gif Gadget Inspector Y N Collect ten clockwork keys from the Thugnderdome Kinda need to ascend under Moxie first...
22 Dancing in the dark.gif Boss Boss Y N Defeat Boss Bat, The Knob Goblin King, Baron von Ratsworth, and The Bonerdagon with The Super-Secret Canadian Mind-Control Device set to 11
23 Master of nuns.gif Jack of Several Trades N N Permagnegntly acquire all 5 skills from Fragnk, the Regnaissance Gnome Requires min 5 Moxie ascensions...
24 Gored to the core.gif Gourdcore HC N Defend the Gourd 21 times in hardcore I'll get back to you once I've started HC
25 You damned dirty human.gif Let My Bugbears Go! Y N Receive the One Day in the Life adventure Muscle ascension needed
26 Look what i can do.gif Trivially Skilled N N Permanently acquire the zero-level skill for each of the six classes
27 Not worth the wait.gif This Lousy Trophy N N Be present for the rollout of ascension No longer attainable
28 No less than three.gif Three-Tiered Trophy N N Eat a three-tiered wedding cake
29 Thats too friendly pippin.gif Friend of Elves N N Beat up 10 reindeer (With the Unionize The Elves sign) No longer attainable
30 Run over by grandma.gif Reindeer Hunter N N Beat up 100 reindeer (With the Unionize The Elves sign) No longer attainable
31 The dude abides.gif Brass Bowling Trophy Trophy Y N Find the trophy on the mantel above the fireplace in the strange leaflet Only stat boost so far
32 Not wearing any pants.gif Look, Ma! No Pants! N N Don't have pants equipped on New Year 2006 No longer attainable
33 With friends like these.gif Slice and Dice N N Have a Stab Bat as a "100%(?) favorite" in your Ascension History Some other ascension
34 Ladies and gentlemen.gif Gender Bender N N Undergo 30 sex changes in The Sleazy Back Alley 1/30
Stall seems rather elusive... >:(
35 Hood ornament.gif Golden Meat Stack HC N Obtain one million Meat in hardcore 1M would be nice even in SC!
36 Better than bad its good.gif Your Log Saw Something That Night N Y Add the text "Laura Palmer" to the Notes section of your Quest Log 3 ~30/09/2008
37 No well ten beers.gif Little Chickadee N Y Achieve 1000 or more drunkenness Need to buy a load of bubbly potions
38 You shot the invisible swordsman.gif The Three Amigos N N Donate one million Meat to each of the three statues in The Hall of The Legends of The Times of Old No idea how much I've given (not much)
39 In deep end ents.gif Festive Dismemberment Y N Use a Knob Goblin firecracker on 4 July
40 Also ate zarathustra.gif Best Meal of My Life N N Consume 60 White Citadel burgers, 10 orders of White Citadel fries, 4 Cherry Cloaca Colas, and 4 Diet Cloaca Colas 4/60, 5/10, ?/4, ?/4
41 Undercover clubber.gif Scourge of Seals Y N Achieve level 30 as a Seal Clubber
42 Tortoise reform.gif Tzar of Turtles Y N Achieve level 30 as a Turtle Tamer 16/30
43 Stop noodling around.gif Potentate of Pasta Y N Achieve level 30 as a Pastamancer
44 Lost in the sauce once again.gif Sauciest Saucier Y N Achieve level 30 as a Sauceror
45 Saturday night inferno.gif Duke of Disco Y N Achieve level 30 as a Disco Bandit
46 Dance round the room to accordion keys.gif Maestro of Mariachi Y N Achieve level 30 as an Accordion Thief
47 Your mom knows the butler.gif The Butler Did It Y N Use the reward for The Wizard of Ego quest 30 times 7 03/10/2008
48 Whoops whoops whoops.gif Slapstick Y N Discard a banana peel and receive the Schadenfreude adventure 3 times Need to buy some, I guess...
49 Eliza knew best.gif Moderation In All Things N Y Have Fullness, Drunkenness and Spleen equal to 11 4 ~30/09/2008
50  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
51 Gonna go fondle my sweaters.gif Hothouse Hero N Y Have hotform and at least 100 bonus Hot Damage or hot spell damage
52 Like a cucumber on pluto.gif Cool Customer N Y Have coldform and at least 100 bonus Cold Damage or cold spell damage
53 Horror has a new name.gif Dreadful, Just Dreadful N Y Have spookyform and at least 100 bonus Spooky Damage or spooky spell damage
54 Melodious and mellifluous.gif Malodorous N Y Have stenchform and at least 100 bonus Stench Damage or stench spell damage
55 This parrot is nude.gif Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge N Y Have sleazeform and at least 100 bonus Sleaze Damage or sleaze spell damage
56 My shrimps was dead and gone.gif Crossroads N N Use 50 scrolls of ancient forbidden unspeakable evil  ?/50
57 Jeremiah was a bullfrog.gif Friend of the Devils N N Summon any combination of 30 demons in the Summoning Chamber ~5/30?
58 Jeff was right.gif Bringer of Storms Y N Use 100 chaos butterflies 13 21/10/2008
59 Howd you do that man thats creepy.gif Eerily Skilled N N Permanently obtain all six Spookyraven skills
60 But it doesnt love me back.gif I Love A Parade N N Multi-use 11 handfuls of confetti Got 1...
61 Dont worry your pretty little head.gif Awwww, Yeah N N Defeat 240 black puddings
62 Just like tara reid.gif Phileas Foggy N N Drink 80 around the world(s) 1/80
63 You were devoutly aligned.gif Extinctionist Y N Kill each Dungeon of Doom monster 120 times  ?/120...
64 Kick em when theyre up.gif Dirty Laundry N Y Have 13 spooky pirate skeletons in your closet
65 This boat sucks.gif Amateur Tour Guide N N Have 10 different "90-100% favorite" familiars in your Ascension History Would kinda have to start ascending first...
66 Now ive seen it all.gif Professional Tour Guide N N Have 30 different "90-100%(?) favorite" familiars in your Ascension History
67 In soviet russia minstrels eat you.gif Brave Sir Robin N N Successfully run away from 100 combats  ?/100
68  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?
69 Just like grandmas dentures.gif Two-Tiered Tiny Plastic Trophy N Y Have all 64 tiny plastic series 2 figurines in your display case 0/64
70 Who runs bartertown.gif Master Paster N N Discover 69 different Meat Pasting recipes 47/69
71 And thats all.gif Golden Spatula N N Discover 50 different food recipes 17/50
72 I hardly know her.gif Mellon Baller, Shot Caller N N Discover 100 different food recipes 17/100
73 What do you want on your tombstone.gif BAM! N N Discover 150 different food recipes 17/150
74 Ill make a note of it.gif Speakeasy Savant N N Discover 20 different booze recipes 5 02/10/2008
75 Hippy hippy shake.gif Honky Tonk Hero N N Discover 50 different booze recipes 39/50
76 On channel z.gif Cantina Commander N N Discover 100 different booze recipes 39/100
77 Tong tong tong tong ta tong tong.gif Apprentice Meatsmacker N N Discover 50 different meatsmithing recipes 2/50
78 Now all you need is a sickle.gif Journeyman Meatsmacker N N Discover 100 different meatsmithing recipes 2/100
79 Two tickets to anville.gif Master Meatsmacker N N Discover 150 different meatsmithing recipes 2/150
80 Hey vern its jewels.gif Preciousss N N Discover 30 different jewelrycrafting recipes 0/30

JackSkellington (#1795817)

(To follow)