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Fryguy9 (#285126) Swordtat.gif      Hasc12.gif Asc2.gif Oxy.gif

My main character, created on November 4, 2004. I am part of the clan Mine! with my girlfriend No Name Provided, and I frequent the /radio chat channel. If you're in the mall, stop by Mistress Susie's House of Ill Repute 'N Stuff.

Display Case

If you check my display case, you'll see I'm trying to collect one of every item in the kingdom, but I'm trying to do it hardcore without purchasing from the mall. Donations are appreciated and you can see what I still need here. You can see my full display case here.

  • Unique Items: 1,848 (86.3%) -- ranked 17th (includes 2 quest items)
  • Autosell Value: 642,488 meat -- ranked 1955th
Other Accomplishments
  • You have completed 27 Hardcore ascensions.
  • You have picked 10 pretty flowers in PvP combat.
  • You have been inoculated against the Grey Plague.
  • You contributed 100 Meat to the Council's "Buy a Pair of Yetis" fund.
  • You contributed 5 drinks to the Council's efforts to get the Knott Yetis to breed.
  • You have spent 126 Adventures gazing at the stars.
  • You rescued Uncle Crimbo that time he was kidnapped by Linnea.

Permanent skills

Powers of Observatiogn (HP)
Torso Awaregness (HP)
Seal Clubbing Frenzy (P)
Thrust-Smack (HP)
Lunging Thrust-Smack (HP)
Eye of the Stoat (HP)
Pulverize (HP)
Double-Fisted Skull Smashing (HP)
Armorcraftiness (HP)
Empathy of the Newt (HP)
Wisdom of the Elder Tortoises (HP)
Amphibian Sympathy (HP)
Cold-Blooded Fearlessness (HP)
Pastamastery (HP)
Leash of Linguini (HP)
Spirit of Ravioli (HP)

Transcendental Noodlecraft (HP)
Advanced Saucecrafting (HP)
Elemental Saucesphere (HP)
Nimble Fingers (HP)
Mad Looting Skillz (HP)
Advanced Cocktailcrafting (HP)
Ambidextrous Funkslinging (HP)
Superhuman Cocktailcrafting (HP)
The Moxious Madrigal (HP)
Fat Leon's Phat Loot Lyric (HP)
Jackasses' Symphony of Destruction (HP)
The Sonata of Sneakiness (HP)
Summon Snowcone (HP)
Summon Hilarious Objects (HP)
Summon Candy Hearts (HP)

Ascension History (Fryguy9 #285126)
# Date Lvl. Class Sign     Turns     Days     Details Familiar%
1     06/13/05    18     S    (none)    14,837222(none) 
2     08/17/05    11     DB    Packrat    2,78266Hardcore, Oxygenarian 
3     ??    ??    TT    Vole    5,06290Hardcore, No Path 
4     11/12/05    12     P    Marmot    Hardcore, No Path 
5     01/13/06    13     AT    Packrat    5,60964Hardcore, No Path 
6     02/09/06    11     SC    Wallaby    1,81727Hardcore, No Path 
7     03/05/06    11     S    Platypus    1,60325Hardcore, No Path 
8     03/22/06    12     DB    Packrat    2,73119Hardcore, No Path 
9     04/17/06    11     SC    Mongoose    1,50927Normal, No Path
(dropped Hardcore)
10     05/15/06    11     S    Platypus    1,35329Hardcore, Oxygenarian 
11     06/16/06    11     P    Wallaby    2,03132Hardcore, Oxygenarian 
12     06/28/06    15     DB    Blender    1,58613Hardcore, Boozetefarian 
13     07/09/06    11     SC    Mongoose    1,30612Hardcore, No Path 
14     07/15/06    11     TT    Opossum    1,0687Hardcore, No Path 
15     07/23/06    11     AT    Packrat    1,1959Hardcore, No Path 
16     08/02/06    11     P    Marmot    1,21511Hardcore, Teetotaler 
17     08/10/06    11     DB    Vole    1,0349Hardcore, No Path 
18     08/29/06    11     TT    Mongoose    97120Hardcore, Oxygenarian 
19     09/21/06    15     SC    Packrat    1,98124Hardcore, Oxygenarian 
20     09/29/06    11     SC    Opossum    9249Hardcore, No Path 
21     10/18/06    12     SC    Mongoose    1,08621Hardcore, No Path 
22     11/01/06    11     AT    Wombat    1,52014Hardcore, No PathCheshire Bat (72%)
23     11/20/06    11     AT    Mongoose    1,06920Hardcore, OxygenarianCheshire Bat (85%)
24     11/24/06    11     S    Packrat    9395Hardcore, No PathCheshire Bat (83%)
25     02/01/07    30     P    Opossum    13,23070Hardcore, No PathCheshire Bat (44%)
26     02/20/07    13     AT    Mongoose    2,60720Hardcore, No PathCheshire Bat (75%)
27     03/09/07    11     TT    Marmot    1,08218Hardcore, TeetotalerCheshire Bat (100%)
28     03/21/07    13     TT    Mongoose    1,76513Hardcore, TeetotalerCheshire Bat (92%)
29     04/03/07    12     DB    Wallaby    1,36314Hardcore, TeetotalerCheshire Bat (86%)

Tattoos (63/77)

Armortat.gif Asc01.gif Asc02.gif Bowtat.gif Bugbear.gif Canadiatat.gif Class1.gif Class1hc.gif Class1hco.gif Class2.gif Class2hc.gif Class2hco.gif Class3.gif Class3hc.gif Class3hco.gif Class4.gif Class4hc.gif Class4hco.gif Class5.gif Class5hc.gif Class5hco.gif Class6.gif Class6hc.gif Class6hco.gif Clocktat.gif Clowntat.gif Cola1tat.gif Cola2tat.gif Coldgear.gif Eggtat.gif Elbereth.gif Eliteguard.gif Fratboytat.gif Gnaugatat.gif Haremgirl.gif Hasc01.gif Hasc02.gif Hasc03.gif Hasc04.gif Hasc05.gif Hasc06.gif Hasc07.gif Hasc08.gif Hasc09.gif Hasc10.gif Hasc11.gif Hasc12.gif Hippy.gif Hourtat.gif Jfishtat.gif Losertat.gif Martinitat.gif Minertat.gif Ninja.gif Nobeertat.gif Nofood.gif Oxy.gif Palette2.gif Pirate.gif Recyctat.gif Startat.gif Swordtat.gif Toweltat.gif

Trophies (26/47)

Gonna need a smaller boat.gif Get oot eh.gif Heavy lourde.gif Crushed under pets.gif A dog a plan.gif Big head todd.gif Ghuolishly good.gif You done took my toast.gif Van went.gif He aint heavy hes my familiar.gif Shakin the bush here boss.gif Go go gadget trophy.gif Dancing in the dark.gif Gored to the core.gif You damned dirty human.gif Not worth the wait.gif Thats too friendly pippin.gif Run over by grandma.gif The dude abides.gif With friends like these.gif Ladies and gentlemen.gif Better than bad its good.gif You shot the invisible swordsman.gif Also ate zarathustra.gif Stop noodling around.gif Whoops whoops whoops.gif

Familiars (43/65)
Familiar1.gif SuckyFamiliar2.gif GoldyFamiliar3.gif TateryFamiliar4.gif GoateeFamiliar5.gif BlimeyFamiliar6.gif Boxey
Familiar7.gif ClicketyFamiliar8.gif BarrrnyFamiliar9.gif LooneyFamiliar10.gif StabbyFamiliar11.gif GruevyFamiliar12.gif Bloody
Familiar14.gif WallyFamiliar15.gif FunguyFamiliar34.gif FieryFamiliar35.gif IceyFamiliar36.gif SmellyFamiliar16.gif Cokey
Familiar17.gif StarryFamiliar18.gif MangFamiliar19.gif StickyFamiliar20.gif ZeeFamiliar21.gif LeafyFamiliar23.gif Bitty
Familiar32.gif FruityFamiliar33.gif MechyFamiliar45.gif RockyFamiliar46.gif HootyFamiliar47.gif TeddyNpzr.gif Toasty
Slgfairy.gif SluttySgfairy.gif GloomyChatteeth.gif ChattyBadger.gif BadgyAnimskel.gif BoneyOrb.gif Orby
Crane1.gif TowelySnowflake.gif FlakyTeddybear.gif DeadyPettoothrock.gif ToothyCrimbotroll.gif TrollyOaf.gif Oafy
Goodfella.gif Tony