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the most ascendedness of the bone crushers

I like to laugh at josh shadowfax!

NN---N---IIII----NN----N--TTT--EEE----NN---N----DD-----OOO--!!! N--N-N----II-----N--N--N----T---EE-----N--N-N----D--D---O--O---!!! N---NN----II-----N----NN----T---E------N---NN----D--D---O--O------- N----N----IIII----N-----N----T----EEE---N----N----DD-----OOO----!!!

Do you like nintendo? Do you like KOL If both are yes then come to Nintendo realm

We also have a KOL clan: Bone crushers!

(Bone crushers and Nintendo realm are noob free environments)

rares and such Hockeymask.gif Ssnecklace.gif Etyfez.gif Familiar31.gif Familiar22.gif Bowler.gif Bowstaff.gif Bowpants.gif Batpants.gif Glassballs.gif Familiar27.gif Nicewatch.gif