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Aeonflux III (#1625212)

I Am Loathing (And So Can You!)

Aeonflux III was previously known as finalheaven63 (main) and Aeonflux II (multi) back in March 2007. However, he got kind of bored and left KoL after NS13 was released. He got into KoL the first time from a referral from a friend. He came back since he was bored and he really liked the changes that were made.

After coming back, he has ascended and obtained stuff casual players would not have. He is working for obtaining all skills permanently, then moving up to HC and finally obtaining all trophies, tattoos, and familiars. An impossibility, yes, but it is worth it to try.

Aeonflux III is always in /newbie during random times of the day. Also, he can be contacted on YouTube using the link in his in-game profile. Or, you can just message him in-game if needed.

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