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These are interactive web pages I wrote to see how different combinations of equipment and effects affect various stats. They take their inspiration from the Maximizing pages here, but list almost all sources and provide a simple user interface for selecting items, with dynamic updating of totals. Since they use javascript they are maintained off-site (thanks to my clan).

Calculators exist for:


At the top of the page you can select or enter a few variables that directly change the total or which change the behaviour of multiple items relevant to that page; e.g., your base stat, the level of Grimace darkness, number of lit moon segments, etc. Then select items/effects in the table and the total at the top will update. The meaning of the little images should be obvious, and you can mouse-over them and many other things to see brief help text.

There is some colour-coding to entries. A green background means a non-tradeable item/effect; a dark background means a Mr. Store item, and any other colours are just there to help separate lines.


  • Outfits must be selected separately and are not linked to their components.
  • The effect of Chester's moustache on DB skills and Hobo power are not yet fully modeled; there might be a few other complex things like that too.
  • Some items are not fully spaded; if the info was too vague it was not included.