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Pasta! Fettucine the Noodle (#725317) Life, The Universe and Everything!

Ascensions: 6

Account Created: December 05, 2005

Favourite Food: Spooky Mushroom

Favourite Booze: Snifter of Thoroughly Aged Brandy

About a Fettucine

Fettucine first joined the Kingdom in early 2005 under the alias of "Bladeraven". Sadly, this account never made it past level 1 before falling to the deadly plague of inactivity.

Fettucine rejoined later that year and, after actually playing, quickly became hooked. After several months Fettucine discovered how to sell items at the flea market and had soon hoarded enough meat to buy his own store and a display case.

Fettucine sometimes owns the largest collection of Limes in the Kingdom.

Favourite Familiars


My Custom Outfit

  • Confused.gif - Pants: Plaid Trousers (Custom Item)

Ascension History (Fettucine the Noodle (#725317))
# Completed Lvl. Class Sign     Turns     Days     Permanent Skill     Details
1     03/24/06    13     P    (none)    6,747110PastamastryNormal, No Path
2     10/15/06    12     S    Mongoose    7,157206Advanced SaucecraftingNormal, No Path
3     01/22/07    11     AT    Marmot    5,465100Brawnee's Anthem of AbsorbtionNormal, No Path
4     06/24/07    18     SC    Packrat    8,890154Torso AwaregnessNormal, No Path
5     02/27/09    30     P    Vole    20,952615Fearful FettuciniNormal, No Path
6     11/04/09    18     SC    Mongoose    5,633205Snarl of the TimberwolfNormal, No Path
7     Current...    ...     S    Marmot    ......Current...Normal, No Path