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Player #309621


Account Created: November 23, 2004
Fly-by-Knight-Heraldry Title: Sanguine Robed Wizard of High Saucery

Permanent Skills
Tongue of the Walrus (HP)
Super-Advanced Meatsmithing (HP)
Torso Awaregness (HP)
Armorcraftiness (HP)
Pastamastery (HP)
Advanced Saucecrafting (HP)
Advanced Cocktailcrafting (HP)
Wisdom of the Elder Tortoises (HP)
Ambidextrous Funkslinging (HP)
Amphibian Sympathy (HP)
Double-Fisted Skull Smashing (HP)
Pulverize (HP)
Spirit of Ravioli (HP)
Spirit of Rigatoni (HP)
Transcendental Noodlecraft (HP)
Superhuman Cocktailcrafting (HP)
Impetuous Sauciness (HP)
The Way of Sauce (HP)
Overdeveloped Sense of Self Preservation (HP)
Nimble Fingers (HP)
Entangling Noodles (HP)
Moxious Madrigal (HP)
Flavour of Magic (HP)
Cannelloni Cannon (HP)
The Polka of Plenty (HP)
Fat Leon's Phat Loot Lyric (HP)
Tao of the Terrapin (HP)
Mad Looting Skillz (HP)
Eye of the Stoat (HP)
Empathy of the Newt (HP)

Special Skills
Vent Rage Gland (HP)

Tome/Libram/Grimoire Skills
Summon Snowcones (HP)
Summon Stickers (HP)
Summon Hilarious Objects (HP)
Summon Candy Hearts (HP)
Summon Party Favor (HP)
Rainbow Gravitation (HP)

Other Accomplishments
Proven himself literate
Completed the Most Extreme Haiku Challenge
Complete 1 Casual ascension
Completed 13 Softcore ascensions
Completed 31 Hardcore ascensions
Completed 2 Hardcore Teetotaler runs
Completed 1 Hardcore Boozetefarian run
Completed 6 Hardcore Oxygenarian runs
Completed 4 Hardcore Badmoon runs
Completed 2 Bee's Hate You ascensions
Completed 3 Way of the Surprising Fist ascensions
Total Completed Ascensions So Far: 45
Has permanently unlocked the Bad Moon sign
Unlocked 112 tattoos
Earned 65 trophies
Collected 93 familiars
Pickpocketed 1,454 items
Strongest physical attack so far dealt 560 damage Most powerful spell so far dealt 1,663 damage Discovered 100 Meat-Pasting recipes
Discovered 261 Cooking recipes
Discovered 122 Meatsmithing recipes
Discovered 114 Cocktailcrafting recipes
Discovered 36 Jewelrycrafting recipes
Discovered 30 Miscellaneous recipe
Contributed 24 drinks to the Council's efforts to get the Knott Yetis to breed
Spent 42 Adventures gazing at the stars
Rescued Uncle Crimbo that time he was kidnapped by Linnea
Saved Crimbo from Father Crimbo and his assimilated Crimborg
Helped defeat The Crimbomination
Ousted Don Crimbo and put the Crimbomination at the helm of the holidays
Ousted the Crimbomination and reinstated Uncle Crimbo, and surely that's the end of all that nonsense.
Aboard his trusty steed Kraglas, you defeated 65,000 skeletons during Corman's invasion of Valhalla
Delved 99 floor(s) into the basement over your entire lifetime before NS13 was implemented

--Brooklyn Red Leg 23:54, 23 December 2007 (CST)