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yes, i am the taco.

Called so due to my translation dictionary saying it meant the curse

so much for that. Weretaco.gif -

i have started 4 Articles.


here is my current familiar list:

Familiar1.gifel chupahneebre the Mosquito

Familiar2.giflas gafas the Leprechaun

Familiar3.giflos patatas the Levitating Potato

Familiar4.gifla zanahoria the Angry Goat

Familiar5.gifel Agua the Sabre-Toothed Lime

Familiar6.giflas mesas the Fuzzy Dice

Familiar7.gifel perezosisimo the Spooky Pirate Skeleton

Familiar8.gifel bocadillo the Barrrnacle

Familiar9.gifsu madre the Howling Balloon Monkey

Familiar10.gifabajo the Stab Bat

Familiar11.gifel blanco the Grue

Familiar12.gifel balo the Blood-Faced Volleyball

Familiar14.gifel diablo the Ghuol Whelp

Familiar15.gifLas Personas the Baby Gravy Fairy

Familiar16.gifel peso the Cocoabo

Familiar17.gifla negra the Star Starfish

Familiar18.gifel sombrero de ariba the Hovering Sombrero

Familiar19.giflas perras the Ghost Pickle on a Stick

Familiar20.gifel disastro the Killer Bee

Familiar21.gifel mierda the Whirling Maple Leaf

Familiar32.gifel fruta de loco the Clockwork Grapefruit

Familiar33.gifla bamba the MagiMechTech MicroMechaMech

Familiar36.gifel Olor Mortal the Stinky Gravy Fairy

Sgfairy.gifel muerte the Spooky Gravy Fairy

Familiar46.gifel coballo the Snowy Owl

Slgfairy.gifla perra the Sleazy Gravy Fairy

Animskel.giflos ojos the Misshapen Animal Skeleton

Orb.gifel llave de sneaky pete the Scary Death Orb

Snowflake.gifel llave de jarlsberg the Ninja Snowflake

Teddybear.gifel llave de Boris the Evil Teddy Bear

Ragimp.gifel compartimiento que convoca the Ragamuffin Imp

Wcb.gifla caja the Bulky Buddy Box

Teddyborg.gifel borg the Teddy Borg


My Trophies:

Go go gadget trophy.gif Jeff was right.gif Heavy lourde.gif A dog a plan.gif Van went.gif You damned dirty human.gif


ascension #DatelevelclasssignturnsdaysFamiliarskill
107/28/0714Disco Bandit(none)4,76263Familiar18.gifAdvanced Cocktailcrafting
210/01/0715PastamancerBlender4,84065Familiar15.gifTorso Awaregness

click here to see my collection:[1]