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ePITAthx1... e... pita... thanks... 1?!?

The creator was trying to come up with a name. Nothing came to mind, until he remembered a book he'd recently read for School: View from Sunday. But what was that really good word? Argh! It starts with an 'epi'... O well, Epitath is close enough (The actual word was Epiphany) Add an 'x1' for flair, and done! A name worthy of a Clubber of Seals! But why the odd capitalization?

Enter Radio KoL. ePITAthx1 started listening to DJ Lyxia. When he requested "Extraordinary Machine" by Fiona Apple (after her CD had been leaked), Lyxia read his name ad e-pita-thanks-1. After the player said that's not how his named was pronounced, Lyxia told him: "YOU don't know how to pronounce YOUR name!"

And that's the story.

Account Created on March 24, 2005. A long Hiatus from August 2005 to November 2006 resulted in much lost adventures, and a few surprises. A Pantsless Trophy? Petrified Time? Can of Fake Snow? O well, much to be learned! He got back into his old rut of farming the Menagerie Level 1 for Cherries and Limes again. A couple days later, however, he decided to try out ascension, which had come out around half-way though his time playing