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Aide-mémoire Page

This is a minimalistic page to remind me of what helps to get through tests.
Most of this is copied (stolen, plagiarized) from existing pages and condensed here.
If you're not using mafia, as mafia has cc_snapshot, check skills before ascending with:

  1. AFH's skill checker (KoLMafia not required) ,or
  2. PlasticLobster's skill tracker (KoLMafia required), and you need to download the script from the top menu bar.

Note that this is my original account name. I've changed the name to "de nisovan".

Speed running introduction:
Delay for conditional adventures, and
Superlikely at given turn counts

My Combat macro list for when I delete it by accident.

Level 0

  1. Break the Magical Mystical Hippy Stone. PvP skills are good.
  2. Go to the Clan Floundry.
  3. Use clan's Deluxe Mr. Klaw "Skill" Crane Game and Mr. Klaw "Skill" Crane Game machines.
  4. Roll out the The Barrel full of Barrels.
  5. Pull a Talking spade.

Level 1

  1. Visit The Toot Oriole and read Letter from King Ralph XI.
  2. Read Telegram from Lady Spookyraven.
  3. Visit The Untinker's Cottage.
  4. Visit The Crackpot Mystic's Shed.

And use any other item or visit locations that that gives items or stats before starting.

Level 2

Spooky Forest Quest : Reduced combat frequency to get the adventure Arboreal Respite non-combat. Get:

  1. Consciousness of a Stream for Squeeze into the cave to get a Tree-holed coin.
    1. Through Thicket and Thinnet for Follow the coin adventure that gives Insert coin to continue for the Spooky temple map. This will not appear unless you have the coin.
  2. Through Thicket and Thinnet for Investigate the dense foliage to get Spooky-Gro fertilizer.
  3. The Road Less Traveled for Talk to the hunter and buy a Spooky sapling.
  4. Consciousness of a Stream for March to the marsh and get a Mosquito larva.
  5. Use the Spooky temple map.

The order doesn't matter, apart from needing the coin to get the map.

Spooky forest table has a good overview. Speed runners have this down, see Conditional Adventures. So you need 5 turns for the first non-combat. Then every 8 or 9 turns is the super-likely return of Arboreal Respite but a normal non-combat may come sooner and reset the super-likely counter.

I'm not sure if the super-likely counter requires the turns to be spent in this area.

Free fight with an Eldritch Tentacle from Dr. Gordon Stuart, a Scientist.

Level 3

Typical Tavern Quest

  1. Go around the outside to find the the rat faucet.
  2. Boosting monster level will help in getting drunken rat king combats.
  3. Having +20 Cold Damage, Hot Damage, Spooky Damage, and Stench Damage to save adventures.

This is best delayed, if possible, for greater monster level to improve the chances of getting tangle of rat tails, for use on tomb rats.

Level 4

Boss Bat Quest

  1. Gain any level of Stench Resistance.
  2. Sonar biscuits drop more often from the The Batrat and Ratbat Burrow
  3. Get a bean from a beanbat.

Level 5

The King of Cobb's Knob Quest has an overview. The Knob Goblin encryption key drops on the 11th turn in the The Outskirts of Cobb's Knob.

Level 6

Deep_Fat_Friars'_Gate_Quest Run -combat for a little speed-up but there are no real shortcuts after the 2019 revamp without ItoMs.

Level 7

Undefile the Cyrpt Quest

  1. The Defiled Alcove: Boost combat encounters to kill more swarms, boost monster level for larger swarms.
  2. The Defiled Cranny: Increase initiative for increased Modern zmobie encounters.
  3. The Defiled Niche: Transcendent Olfaction the Dirty old lihc and banish anything else.
  4. The Defiled Nook: Increase item drops from monsters and pickpocket.

Level 8

Mt. McLargeHuge Quest

Level 9

Orc Chasm Quest

Maximize cold damage to get the non-combat sooner.

  1. Equipping a logging hatchet can produce an extra piece of lumber per combat, and equipping a loadstone can produce an extra fastener.
  2. Additional building materials can be received using Snow boards or a Fancy oil painting.
  3. An 11-leaf clover will cause 3 pieces of lumber and 3 fasteners to drop.

If available use Icy Glare or Arched Eyebrow of the Archmage, and have Spirit of Peppermint active using Stuffed Mortar Shell followed by Cannelloni Cannon. To get maximum speed you need to have 5 times damage of the HP of the orcs. Base is 69HP, but ML modifiers will change this.

Light the Fires

A-boo Peak

  1. Use clovers to get 2 A-Boo clues as it forces The Horror... non-combat.
  2. Boost Elemental Resistance to survive the 463 and 463 base damage. That is 2*(13+25+50+125+250) before any modifiers.
  3. Boosting HP is also a help here.

Oil Peak

Reduce the pressure of Oil Peak from 310.66 µB/Hg (microbowies per Mercury) to 0 ("negligible") by killing its monsters to get 12 Bubblin' crude to create a Jar of oil.

  1. Boosting monster level (including ML from Monster Aggravation Devices) will cause you to encounter different monsters (similar to the Slime Tube) and reduce the pressure more quickly. The extra ML caused by the rain depth during the Heavy Rains challenge path is not taken into account to determine the monsters you encounter in this zone.
  2. Defeating an oil slick (0-19 +ML) reduces pressure by 6.34 µB/Hg; defeating an oil tycoon (20-49 +ML) reduces pressure by 19.02 µB/Hg (3 slicks); defeating an oil baron (50-99 +ML), 31.7 µB/Hg (5 slicks); defeating an oil cartel (100 +ML and up), 63.4 µB/Hg (10 slicks).
  3. Wearing dress pants will reduce pressure by an additional 6.34 µB/Hg per combat.
  4. If you have an Asdon Martin in your workshed, you can drive wastefully to reduce pressure by another 6.34 µB/Hg per combat.

Twin Peak

  1. Room 237 needs at least 4 levels of stench resistance (including familiars).
  2. Search the pantry with at least +50% Item Drops from Monsters (including food bonuses (like Brother Flying Burrito's Blessing).
  3. Have a Jar of oil when selecting |follow the faint sound of music.
  4. Wait -- who's that? needs 40% Combat Initiative (or greater).

Running negative combat modifiers is a good idea here.

Level 10

[[[The Penultimate Fantasy Airship]] : Reduced combat frequency and burn turns due to delay. Get a model airship.

Basement: Reduced combat frequency helps:

  1. Equip a titanium assault umbrella and crawl through the heating duct.
  2. Have an amulet of extreme plot significance equipped while examining the Fitness Giant's mirror.
  3. In Fitness Giant's room take the dumbbell and use it in the dumbwaiter.
  4. Adventure until you find the stairs (around 35 turns).

Ground Floor, adventure for 11 turns. Get a chaos butterfly for McMillicancuddy's farm side-quest in the war.

Top Floor : Reduced combat frequency helps.

  1. Raid the Raver Giant's crate then make a quick substitution to the Goth Giant's music.
  2. Harumph in disdain in the Steampunk Giant's room while you have a model airship in your inventory.
  3. With a Mohawk wig equipped, get the Punk Giant's attention.
  4. Adventure until you get the Keep On Turnin' the Wheel in the Sky (about 20 turns).

Wait for Copper Feel a second time and get a steam-powered model rocketship (choice 2) to open up The Hole in the Sky.

Level 11

The Black Forest : Increasing the combat frequency frequency is the best thing to do. Have a reassembled blackbird or reconstituted crow familiar with maximum weight is the most effective. Having the hatchlings in the inventory helps, but not as much. Equipping blackberry galoshes (3 blackberries), if done early, is helpful. Get a beehive for the tower.

At The Black Market buy forged identification documents and a can of black paint. Also buy a Red Zeppelin ticket as the the Poop Deck is not optimal at this time.

To use your father's MacGuffin diary: /use macguffin chat command, select the Text only version link, then use the go to inventory link.

The order of the quests is not important but if you're after booze then opening The Hidden Tavern may be a priority.

Spookyraven Manor

Spookyraven quest (In a Manor of Spooking) doesn't have any recommendations. You want to use free turns to burn delay in ballroom. Using Lord Spookyraven's spectacles to read the mortar-dissolving solution gives a slightly faster path if you can run enough +items and +ML. If monster level is +82 or higher only 1 Monstrous boiler is needed.

The bottle of Chateau de Vinegar and blasting soda has a 5% drop rate, increasing by 5% for each possessed wine rack or the cabinet of Dr. Limpieza encountered and can't be forced by a yellow ray.

The Palindome (Never Odd Or Even)

Obtain the Talisman o' Namsilat

There used to be two ways to craft the Talisman o' Namsilat; by the snakehead charrrms, or by the Copperhead Charms. As of 01 Jan 2019 the only way forward is by the Copperhead Charms.

Copperhead Charms:

This is made from the Copperhead Charm and the Copperhead Charm (rampant).

Dr. Awkward

Equip the Talisman o' Namsilat. Get 3 dudes for so "I Love Me, Vol. I" drops. Photograph either Bob Racecar or Racecar Bob. Reduce combat frequency to get the 3 drops from non-combat adventures. Place the items in the correct order. Use "2 Love Me, Vol. 2" to access to Alan Alarm. Obtain wet stunt nut stew and give to Alan Alarm, equip the Mega Gem and defeat Dr. Awkward.

The Hidden City

Use +items to get stone wool and -combat to get the non-combat adventures to open the hidden city.

The bottom of the The Hidden City wiki page has a very good guide. It's not optimal for all people but a good general strategy.

  1. The Antique machete drops on the 7th turn in The Hidden Park. Equip it and clear the dense liana.
  2. The Hidden Apartment Building has Action Elevator on the 9th turn and every 8th turn after that.
  3. The Hidden Office Building has Working Holiday on the 6th turn and every 5th turn after that.
  4. The Hidden Bowling Alley needs +items, always have one Bowl of Scorpions in your inventory.
  5. The Hidden Hospital has an extra 10% chance of encountering ancient protector spirit for each unique piece of surgical equipment equipped.

Level 12

Mysterious Island Quest :

  1. Uniforms drop from non-combats, as well as combats, pre-war.
  2. The Battlefield has the overview of quest.
  3. The Mysterious Island Arena needs 10,000 ML on the flyers. Wish for an old NS tower monster, fight The Guy Made Of Bees, or Cyrus the Virus. Generally, just finishing open pre-level 12 quests is sufficient.
  4. The Junkyard: Banish the non-tool wielding version can speed-up this quest.
  5. The Lighthouse: Kill 5 lobsterfrogmen so increase Combat Frequency, and use any way to copy the monster that is current.
  6. The Organic Orchard: Maximize items or effects that increase items from monsters to get the glands to drop.
  7. Our Lady of Perpetual Indecision: Maximize items or effects that increase meat drops is needed.
  8. McMillicancuddy's Farm: Use a chaos butterfly anytime, anywhere before the last non-combat in The Barn. For the non-combats choose option 3 (Make a fence out of the barbed wire), 1 (Knock over the lantern), and 2 (Dump out the drum). This takes 25 turns (10 for the start and 3x5 for the row of ducks) and is not worth the effort if you've done the other 4 quests on the frat side.

Each quest doubles the number of kills for your side but the tradeoff is turns.

Supporting the Frat side is faster if you have quests left to use the rock band flyers on. The nun's quest doesn't help finish quests and just wastes turns.

Assuming speed is the goal the fastest path is as a frat. Do the 3 side quest before starting the war, and then complete the filthworm quest when it's available, this should take 8 turns. Finally, just grind the remaining 58 turns.

Level 13

The Hedge Maze : Two fights at most :

  1. at choice 2 (One Small Step For Adventurer for gophers) and 4 (Good Ol' 44% Duck for ducks), or
  2. at choice 3 (Twisty Little Passages, All Hedge for chihuahuas and 4 (Good Ol' 44% Duck for ducks), or
  3. at choice 2 or 3 and then at 5 (Another Day, Another Fork for kiwis).

Azazel, Ma Belle

  1. Adventure in Belilafs Comedy Club until you encounter Larry of the Field of Signs. Equip the observational glasses and Talk to Mourn to receive Azazel's lollipop.
  2. Adventure in Hey Deze Arena and Talk to Sven Golly.

Band Member Quest Item
✓ white ✗ soft
giant marshmallow or gin-soaked blotter paper
✓ boozy ✗ sweet
beer-scented teddy bear
✓ sweet ✗ white
booze-soaked cherry or sponge cake
✓ soft ✗ boozy
comfy pillow

After collecting 5 cans of imp air and 5 bus passes from the comedy club and backstage, go to Moaning Panda Square to obtain Azazel's tutu.

The Spookyraven Manor Quest

The Haunted Kitchen : Hot Resistance or Stench Resistance increases the draws searched count.
The Haunted Billiards Room : pool cue and Chalky Hand and +10 from semi-rare adventures.
The Haunted Library : Lady Spookyraven's necklace is dropped from the fifth writing desk.
The Haunted Gallery : Louvre It or Leave It. Keep choosing option 2 until The Persistence of Memory painting, then choose option 1.
The Haunted Bedroom : Defeat an elegant animated nightstand and choose option 1.

The Haunted Bathroom : Encounter Never Gonna Make You Up and defeat the cosmetics wraith.
Storage Room : Lure the baby located at the Nursery, then chase two of the babies out of the Storage Room to the Laboratory.

Me and My Nemesis

Class Tomb of the Unknown Cave enterance
Seal Clubber Boredom Freak the hell out like a wrathful wolverine.
Turtle Tamer Friendship Sympathize with an amphibian.
Pastamancer Binding pasta thralls Entangle the wall with noodles.
Sauceror Power Shoot a stream of sauce at the wall.
Disco Bandit Me. Duh Focus on your disco state of mind.
Accordion Thief Music Bash the wall with your accordion.

Lair maps

Non-automated but I should get off my arse and do it

Things to figure out for mafia or my python scripts.

  1. Memories, in the Corners of your Mind includes, Hunt The Wumpus
  2. Astral mushroom's leads to the Violet Fog. At the bottom are some helpful tools.
  3. A Shimmering Portal for El Vibrato gear.
  4. Reflection of a Map but KoLMafia has a built in solver.
  5. Hobopolis Marketplace table
  6. Plastic vampire fangs see How to Vamp: Myst is: Tell Her How You Feel → Find Other Prey. Brouhaha is 4,2,2,1
  7. Calculate the Universe.
  8. Deck of Every Card (adventure) but KoLMaifa has the "cheat" option automated.
  9. Potted tea tree
  10. The Tunnel of L.O.V.E.
  11. Your Witchess Set
  12. Batfellow Comic
  13. Genie Bottle has a Google spreadsheet

Shortcut to other URLs

  1. AFH's skill checker
  2. BCC snapshot
  3. Dressing For Success
  4. Sweet Synthesis and this is built into Mafia (under tools).
  5. Drunkeness Modifiers

Guides to Areas



  1. Spelunking hints and for my walkthrough.
  2. Grimstone Mask walkthrough for Cinderella.
  3. Transporter transponder opens the quest to Repair the Elves' Shield Generator.
  4. LT&T office opens several quests.
  5. The Suburbs of Dis is fun but the skills are not really worth it.
  6. Dreadsylvania Non-combat Table
  7. Gingerbread City
  8. The Spacegate - has a large spreadsheet to help.
  9. The Neverending Party

Psychoanalytic jar

  1. Jick
  2. The Captain of the Gourd
  3. The Crackpot Mystic
  4. The Meatsmith
  5. The Old Man
  6. The Pretentious Artist
  7. The Suspicious-Looking Guy

Elemental International Airport

  1. Conspiracy Island, spooky.
  2. Dinseylandfill, stench.
  3. Spring Break , sleaze.
  4. That 70s Volcano, hot.
  5. The Glaciest, cold.

A Monorail Station (A.K.A LyleCo)

  1. Lyle's Office
  2. Train to Downtown
  3. Train to FantasyRealm
  4. Train to PirateRealm


Noblesse Oblige's calendar.

My combat macro.

My magnetic sculpture code.

KoL Mafia download script.

Best Booze & Drunkenness

Best Foods

Hodgeman's Hampster Guide

Sometimes you need to delevel.

alias funfun => csend holiday fun, 50 meat to cookiebot || Items_from_Monsters

Amorphous Blob: Use "Daily Affirmation: Always Be Collecting" to get 2 Giant Xs and 2 Giant Os, instead of 1. Giant Amorphous Blob: need lots and lots of stats, like a Dread Boss hard mode.

Chat macros can be very powerful: I use /glitch for /use glitch season reward name && /goto inv_eat.php?pwd='+pwdhash+'&which=3&whichitem=10207. For more examples, not covered by the KoL wiki, try my Google doc.

Max Stats -> Jungle Juice, Garbage Shirt, Mime Army Insignia, Barrel Shrine, max out main start with buffs and adventure in The Deep Dark Jungle OR .... Utensil twist, dinsey's pizza cutter, itchy curse finger, and curse of marinara for The Mansion

The Game Grid Arcade

  1. DemonStar Talk tab.
  2. Dungeon Fist!
  3. King of fighters.
  4. Space Trip guide at the bottom of the page.
  5. Meteoid: and

Basic meat farming:

OldCWs Clan

The account OldCW is the person who created the clan OldCWs. The account profile points to and digging around at shows Carmel and Craig Weiler as the head of the company. Since the profile of OldCW says Male.... I'm assuming it's Craig. Sending email to VanCat I had confirmation this was correct.

OldCW was followed by Master Harper of Pern (Barry), who stopped playing after being caught for multi-abuse. It was in aid of the clan, but the rules are the rules.

MHoP was followed by Jaylee, a lovely lady in real life and when she played. A major series of personal tragedies caused her to move on. A massive loss to KoL and the clan.

Jaylee was followed by Cyberdyne tyrant, mercurial, and nasty err. I welcome our current lovely, even-keeled, and unbiased robotic overlord who's done a wonderful job as the longest serving overlord clan leader.

Mafia Console on high resolution screens

/usr/bin/java -Dsun.java2d.uiScale=2.6 -jar /home/d/KoL/Mafia/`./ ; ls -1 |tail -1`

From the [Discord Mafia and Ash channel]: There's something like -Dsun.java2d.dpiaware=false that will tell your display server to scale it for you. On linux you do something like -Dsun.java2d.uiScale=2.5.

alias tide => ash int i = gameday_to_int()%8 + 1; print ("Next low in "+((16-i)%8)+" days. Next high in "+((12-i)%8)+" days."); return(i<=4 ? i : 8-i);

Profile Pictures

Level 500 of Fernswarthy's Basement deserves a small drink!

Last night with the dwarves was ill advised.

The Gnomish Microbrewery was tasty but the sizes were small.

A terrible accident happened on Mt. McLargeHuge ski run.

The spreadsheet I use to keep track of my alts.

Collectors Score

CathyOak is the account to contact for rare skills, like the sinister ancient tablet, red-hot medallion, or unearthed volcanic meteoroid.


The entire point of the clan dungeons is to work with other people, not just other accounts.

Rim Shot