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This is my page. Mine. And no one else can have it. HAHAHAHA. This is not my in-game account name. The name is Traven1. It is the only account remaining because my other accounts got deleted. They did not get deleted from the game, though. It was just made so that I could log on to them no longer. I lost 1.5 million meat because this happened.

1. Tattoos

2. Trophies

3. Familiars

1. Tattoos

Class Tattoos

Class1.gif Class2.gif Class5.gif


Outfit Tattoos

Swordtat.gif Armortat.gif Bugbear.gif Cola1tat.gif Cola2tat.gif Jfishtat.gif Coldgear.gif Hippy.gif Fratboytat.gif Losertat.gif Clowntat.gif

Gnaugatat.gif Ninja.gif Eliteguard.gifHaremgirl.gif Minertat.gif Startat.gif Pirate.gif Toweltat.gif Elbereth.gif Canadiatat.gif Tropictat.gif


Ascension Tattoos

Asc1.gif Asc2.gif Asc3.gif


Random Tattoos

Palette2.gif Martinitat.gif


Heavy lourde.gif A dog a plan.gif You done took my toast.gif You damned dirty human.gifGonna need a smaller boat.gif Get oot eh.gif

Brass Bowling Trophy Trophy

With friends like these.gif Big head todd.gif Van went.gif Ghuolishly good.gif Whoops whoops whoops.gif Better than bad its good.gif

3. Amazingly Extensive Collection of Familiars

Fart, the Mosquito Familiar1.gif

Leppy, the Leprechaun Familiar2.gif

Borat, the Levitating Potato Familiar3.gif

Baaaahb, the Goat Familiar4.gif

Burp, the Sabre-Toothed Lime Familiar5.gif

Racer, the Fuzzy Dice Familiar6.gif

Arrrg Cappy, the Spooky Pirate Skeleton Familiar7.gif

Slowpoke, the Barrrnacle Familiar8.gif

POP!, the Howling Balloon Monkey Familiar9.gif

Monkey, the Stab Bat Familiar10.gif

Lil' Traven, the Grue Familiar11.gif

Boo, the Ghuol Whelp Familiar14.gif

Mashed Potatoes, the Baby Gravy Fairy Familiar15.gif

Tidus, the Cocoabo Familiar16.gif

Starry, the Star Starfish Familiar17.gif

Mario, the Hovering Sombrero Familiar18.gif

Tasty, the Ghost Pickle on a Stick Familiar19.gif

Buzz, the Killer Bee Familiar20.gif

Canadian Syrup, the Whirling Maple Leaf Familiar21.gif

Teh 1337 Haxor, the MagiMechTech MicroMechaMech Familiar33.gif

Winter, the Frozen Gravy Fairy Familiar35.gif

Stinky, the Stinky Gravy Fairy Familiar36.gif

Halloweener, the Spooky Gravy Fairy Sgfairy.gif

Hedwig, the Snowy Owl Familiar46.gif

Too Cool for You, the Pet Rock Petrock.gif

Widduw Guy, the Teddy Bear Teddybear.gif

Sexyback, the Sleazy Gravy Fairy Slgfairy.gif

AAAAAAAAAH, the Scary Death Orb Orb.gif

Domoarigato, Mr. Roboto, the Origami Towel Crane Crane1.gif

Ching Wong Hung, the Ninja Snowflake Snowflake.gif

Widduw Eviw Guy, the Evil Teddy Bear Teddybear.gif

Too Sharp for You, the Toothsome Rock Toothsome Rock