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Name: DimDumb 3º Normal Ascension Tattoo

In-game ID: #1856180

Class: 2.5% Pastamancer 5% Sauceror 92.5% Seal Clubber Hardcore Oxygenarian Tattoo<-- In progress...Hardcore Oxygenarian Tattoo <-- Not mine...Hardcore Oxygenarian Tattoo <-- Not mine...

Current "house": What house?

Current familiar:

Dumbhat, the Hovering Sombrero

In Familiar-Gro™ Terrarium:

Lepredumb, the Leprechaun	
Tornado Dumb Leaf, the Whirling Maple Leaf
Not so Dumb Psycho Teddy Borg, the Teddy Borg
Dumby Gravy Fairy, the Baby Gravy Fairy	
Sabre-Toothed-Bengal-Dumb Lime, the Sabre-Toothed Lime
Dumb Stuporrr Barrrnacle, the Barrrnacle
Darkdumb, the Grue
Dumball, the Blood-Faced Volleyball
Cocoadumbo, the Cocoabo
Dumb Starfish, the Star Starfish
Fried Dumbtato, the Levitating Potato
Moskdumb, the Mosquito
ClockworkDumb Grapefruit, the Clockwork Grapefruit
Dumbat, the Stab Bat

Clan: The Tiny, Tiny Clan

Title: Rocket Meat Grower

Rank: Capitain

Other things: bla bla bla bla bla

"Daddy's items":

                     Natty Blue Ascot natty blue ascot
                     Sea Salt Scrubs Sea salt scrubs
                     Nursehat Nurse's hat
                     Box of sunshine Box of sunshine Free one ^_^

Hobo kill count: Around 40/50 ^.^'

Richard's adventures: 356+

Hobo bosses killed: 0

MMG loss rate: 98.00%

MMG meat lost: Around 53000

Favorite Food: Hi mein / Hell Ramen / ... Cold hi mein

Favorite Booze: Some booze... Salty dog

Hate: The Naughty Sorceress and The Naughty Sorceress (2) and The Naughty Sorceress (3) (yammm) and particulary The Bonerdagon and extremely Ol' Scratch and very extremely What? A Fluffy bunny?

Unbeatable in: Toilet Paper TP Wars O.o

Average Ascension Duration: 1 Month

Triumph: You gain some levels...

Headache: Sunken Chest Sunken chest. Really I need help with this one...

Theory 1: It only is used to do a spooky pirate skeleton...

Theory 2: Jick is mocking us...

Theory 3: Pirate + Pick-O-Matic lockpicks + ??? = (Hope)

What's behind Theory 4? Jick is mocking us really hard...