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Deadgoat is not a very important character in the kingdom, but he has been around since approxamately the time of the Time Juice fundraiser. Unfortunately the account went inactive and the Time Juice was lost.

Desired Hardcore skills

Amphibian Sympathy Turtle Tamer +5 Familiar Level Passive H H
Mad Looting Skillz Disco Bandit +20% Item Drop Passive
Stevedave's Shanty of Superiority Accordion Thief +10% Stats Buff
Disco Face Stab Disco Bandit -7 Monster Level Combat
Lunging Thrust-Smack Seal Clubber 3x melee damage Combat
Eye of the Stoat Seal Clubber Accuracy Passive P
Nimble Fingers Disco Bandit +20% Meat Drop Passive
Wisdom of the Elder Tortoises Turtle Tamer +50% MP Passive
Rage of the Reindeer Seal Clubber +10% Muscle Noncombat
Empathy of the Newt Turtle Tamer +5 Familiar Level Buff P
Polka of Plenty Accordion Thief +50% Meat Drop Buff
Cannelloni Cocoon Pastamancer Heals All HP Noncombat
Leash of Linguini Pastamancer +5 Familiar Level Noncombat
Tongue of the Walrus Seal Clubber Heals Beaten up Noncombat
Fat Leon's Phat Loot Lyric Accordion Thief +20% Item Drop Buff
Double-Fisted Skull Smashing Seal Clubber Dual-wielding Passive H
Ambidextrous Funkslinging Disco Bandit Double-item using Passive
Gnefarious Pickpocketing Fragnk +10% Meat Drop Passive
Spirit of Ravioli Pastamancer +25% HP Passive
Powers of Observatiogn Fragnk +10% Item Drop Passive
Expert Panhandling Sauceror +10% Meat Drop Passive
Gnomish Hardigness Fragnk +5% HP Passive
Cosmic Ugnderstanding Fragnk +5% MP Passive
Torso Awaregness Fragnk Shirts Passive P H
Disco Aerobics Disco Bandit +2 Moxie Noncombat
Seal Clubbing Frenzy Seal Clubber +2 Muscle Noncombat
Moxie of the Mariachi Accordion Thief +1 Moxie Noncombat
Patience of the Tortoise Turtle Tamer +1 Muscle Noncombat
Manicotti Meditation Pastamancer +2 Mysticality Noncombat
Sauce Contemplation Sauceror +1 Mysticality Noncombat
Super-Advanced Meatsmithing Seal Clubber Advanced Weapons
Armorcraftiness Turtle Tamer Advanced Pants, Hats, and Bucklers
Pulverize Seal Clubber Powders, Nuggets, and Wads
Pastamastery Pastamancer Summon and Cook Dry noodles P P
Advanced Saucecrafting Sauceror Summon and Cook Reagents P
Advanced Cocktailcrafting Disco Bandit Summon and Mix Advanced Drinks H P P
Transcendental Noodlecraft Pastamancer The Wok of Ages
The Way of Sauce Sauceror Scrumdiddlyumptious Solutions
Superhuman Cocktailcrafting Disco Bandit Nash Crosby's Still

Hardcore Runs

  • White cells indicate items required to complete the neccesary quests for ascension
  • Grey cells indicate items required for bonus quests.
  • Green cells indicate items used for cooking and cocktailcrafting if the player's path allows it.
  • Blue cells indicate items that are very useful for a hardcore ascension.
  • Red cells indicate items used in the stairs.
Location Moxie for no-hit Item Purpose
The Sleazy Back Alley 10 Moxie 1 Bum cheek Boss Bat Quest
1 Hot pink lipstick Sleazy Gravy Fairy equipment
Outskirts of Cobb's Knob 11 Moxie 1 Knob Goblin tongs Nemesis Quest
The Haiku Dungeon 5 main Stat 1 Fairy gravy Nemesis Quest
The Spooky Forest 14 Moxie 1 Mosquito larva Spooky Forest Quest
1 Stolen accordion Naughty Sorceress Quest
The Typical Tavern 8 Main Stat 2 Beer lenses Bartender-in-the-box
Degrassi Knoll 22 Moxie 1 Cog Bitchin' Meatcar Quest
1 Spring
1 Sprocket
1 Empty meat tank
1 Tires
1 Rusty screwdriver Orc Chasm Quest
1 Cog Meat maid
1 Empty meat tank
1 Frilly skirt
1 Maiden wig
1 Spring
1 Sprocket
1 Cog Slay Your Nemesis Quest
1 Gnollish flyswatter
1 Sprocket
1 Spring Bartender-in-the-box
Guano Junction 27 Moxie 3 Sonar-in-a-biscuits Boss Bat Quest
1 Broken skull Naughty Sorceress Quest
Fernswarthy's Tower 27 Moxie 1 Disembodied brain Meat Maid
1 Disembodied brain Bartender-in-the-box
1 Disembodied brain Chef-in-the-box
The Misspelled Cemetary 29 Moxie Smart skull Meat Maid
Smart skull Bartender-in-the-box
Smart skull Chef-in-the-box
The "Fun" House 29 Moxie 1 Box Bartender-in-the-box
1 Box Chef-in-the-box
Beanbat Chamber 31 Moxie 1 Enchanted bean Giant Trash Quest
The Inexplicable Door 34 Moxie 12 Black pixels Naughty Sorceress Quest
8 Red pixels
30 White pixels
Harem 41 Moxie 1 Knob Goblin harem pants The King of Cobb's Knob Quest
1 Knob Goblin harem veil
1 Knob Goblin perfume
The Enormous Greater-Than Sign 47 Moxie 1 Plus sign The Dungeons of Doom
The Daily Dungeon 51 Lowest Stat 1 Boris's key
1 Jarlsberg's key
1 Sneaky Pete's key
Naughty Sorceress Quest
The Dungeons of Doom 54 Moxie 1 Dead mimic Zapping
The Deep Fat Friars' Gate 61 Moxie 1 Wussiness potion Naughty Sorceress Quest
1 Ruby W
Itznotyerzitz Mine 67 Moxie 1 Miner's helmet Mt. McLargeHuge Quest
1 Miner's pants
1 7-Foot Dwarven mattock
3 Asbestos, Chrome or Linoleum ore
The Goatlet 77 Moxie 6 Goat cheese
The Obligatory Pirate's Cove 78 Moxie 1 eyepatch Orc Chasm Quest
1 Stuffed shoulder parrot
1 Swashbuckling pants
1 Abridged dictionary
The eXtreme Slope 85 Moxie 1 EXtreme mittens Mt. McLargeHuge Quest
1 EXtreme scarf
1 Snowboarder pants
The Valley Beyond the Orc Chasm 96 Moxie 2 334 scrolls Orc Chasm Quest
1 30669 scroll
1 33398 scroll
2 334 scrolls Hermit access
1 30669 scroll
1 Lowercase N Naughty Sorceress Quest
The Penultimate Fantasy Airship 129 Moxie 1 Metallic A Wand of Nagamar (NS)
The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky 154 Moxie 1 Thin black candle
1 Heavy D
1 Angry Farmer candy
Wand of Nagamar (NS)
The Hole in the Sky 177 Moxie 5 stars and 6 lines
5 stars and 3 lines
8 stars and 7 lines
Star crossbow (NS)
Star hat (NS)
Richard's star key (NS)