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Hi, I'm darkcodelagsniper (#1723068). This space is to draft stuff on because oh god how did I get here I am not good with wiki

Sortable Cloathing

Item Slot Outfit Class
Vio lens.gif Lens of Violence Hat Shubtat.gif Class4.gif
Vio knife.gif Pigsticker of Violence Weapon Shubtat.gif Class5.gif
Vio brand.gif Brand of Violence Off-Hand Shubtat.gif Class2.gif
Vio pants.gif Jodhpurs of Violence Pants Shubtat.gif Class6.gif
Vio boots.gif Ass-Stompers of Violence Acc1 Shubtat.gif Class1.gif
Vio buckle.gif Novelty Belt Buckle of Violence Acc2 Shubtat.gif Class3.gif
Hate lens.gif Lens of Hatred Hat Yogtat.gif Class6.gif
Hate staff.gif Staff of Simmering Hatred Weapon Yogtat.gif Class3.gif
Hate stone.gif Cold Stone of Hatred Off-Hand Yogtat.gif Class1.gif
Hate pants.gif Pantaloons of Hatred Pants Yogtat.gif Class4.gif
Hate slippers.gif Fuzzy Slippers of Hatred Acc1 Yogtat.gif Class5.gif
Hate girdle.gif Girdle of Hatred Acc2 Yogtat.gif Class2.gif
Loathe goggles.gif Goggles of Loathing Hat Loathetat.gif -
Loathe snife.gif Stick-Knife of Loathing Weapon Loathetat.gif -
Loathe scepter.gif Scepter of Loathing Off-Hand Loathetat.gif -
Loathe jeans.gif Jeans of Loathing Pants Loathetat.gif -
Loathe boots.gif Treads of Loathing Acc1 Loathetat.gif -
Loathe belt.gif Belt of Loathing Acc2 Loathetat.gif -
Loathe square.gif Pocket Square of Loathing Acc3 Loathetat.gif -