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My main account is Damuna (#1012205), I am currently an Oxycore Turtle Tamer, and my sign is the Vole. I was previously a Sauceror, I ascended on the 20th of July (09/20/06 12:01:05 AM BST) and I took Expert Panhandling as a softcore permanent. I have a multi called Invaris (#1068900), who is a non-ascended Seal Clubber. Both of my accounts are in the clan MartiniMonkey MonkeyBars.

I started playing KoL on July 31st 2006, and created my multi, Invaris, on September 17th 2006.

Ascension Table

No. Started Level Class Sign Advs Days Path Skill taken
1 31 Jul 2006 11 Sauceror (none) 3472 49 Normal, No Path Expert Panhandling
2 20 Sep 2006 12 Turtle Tamer Vole 2744 141 Hardcore, Oxygenarian Wisdom of the Elder Tortoises
3 8 Feb 2007 11 Accordion Thief Blender 1281 20 Hardcore, Boozetafarian Torso Awaregness
4 Sauceror Opossum Hardcore, No Path Immaculate Seasoning
5 Undecided Vole Hardcore, Boozetafarian Undecided
6 Sauceror Marmot Hardcore, Oxygenarian Intrinsic Spiciness
7 Disco Bandit Blender Hardcore, Boozetafarian Ambidextrous Funkslinging
8 Seal Clubber Vole Hardcore, No Path Double-Fisted Skull Smashing