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Crowther started playing KoL on June 13, 2005, due to the buzz caused by the start of ascension. He ascended July 14 2005, just in time for a moxie weekend. Oyster Day and the NS delayed his first ascension.

Each ascension gets easier and easier. Ascensions take few turns and days. Speed ascending was never a plan for Crowther. It just started happening. Before long Crowther started doing three day runs.

Crowther leaves the Cool Guy Crew and still really missed uncle and n3Bul4. Crowther spends a bit of time without a clan (that is, without a clan with more than one member). After aiming lower and being rejected, Crowther finally signed with for Full Frontal.

There Crowther learns many tricks from some of the top ascenders and even ascends once in ronin, before White Wednesday destroyed all record of 2/3 of his runs. Just before White Wednesday, Crowther started to play hardcore, because lag had made fast softcore runs impossible for someone with any kind of real life. His first hardcore run started Oct 21, 2005. He ascended into a Boozetafarian Disco Bandit.

Now that lag is largely a thing of the past, Crowther is busy speed ascending. The items he earned during hardcore have been quite helpful. As are the two ice sickles he now wields 99% of the time.

His first two-day run finished Feb 9, 2006 and was followed by his second two day run. After this two-day runs were common, until the new high level skills are released. Three and four days were required to obtain these skills.

As of March 2006, Crowther is only missing a few high level skills and a bunch of worthless Disco Bandit skills. At some point, lost in history, Crowther gets all the skills, more than once as new skills are added.

April 2006, Crowther leaves the Full Frontal clan and joins the newly created Prisoners of 1337 formed by n3Bul4. This change was entirely due to the creation of Prisoners and had nothing to do with Full Frontal, which is a great clan for speed ascenders.

The slow runs at the end of May 2006 were for his clan bachelor auction and showing off for his mistress.

In July 2006, with the use of a Jewel-eyed wizard hat, Crowther found there was no limit to the number of consecutive 2-day runs he could do, except that it took way too much time in real life. Ascending every single day simply wasn't something he wanted to do, no matter how easy. Because of this, Crowther switched to hardcore and plays no-path for a while until he gets enough skills and switches to HCO. During his fourth HCO run, NS13 finally hits.

NS13 turns removed the remaining fun from playing KoL for Crowther, so he switches to ascending casual hoping game balance will be restored. Eventually he has his casual ascensions almost entirely scripted. Sadly, the game never improves. Once he gets the second tour guide trophy Crowther gives up. He didn't even manage to finish the bounty hunter hunter grind.

December 2007, Crowther declares his time playing KoL is ending. He takes advantage of Crimbo to get a huge level boost on his final class, disco bandit. While still collecting lucre, he play time is drastically reduced. On most days, he only plays for a few minutes and that's scripted and spends more time on the clan website than KoL.

April 2008, Crowther finally finishes all the stages of grief and excepts the game he loved is gone forever.

Proud member of Prisoners of 1337