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About me

I also edit with the same username.

If it's important, it's probably better to k-mail me, because I likely won't look at my talk page too much. ColtsScore 04:02, 30 June 2006 (CDT)

Useful stuff

People who helped gather in-game information : )

Special thanks to:

  • a few players who helped before I started recording the names
  • Sir Nightcrawler of wormhole ... plural of wedge of grey cheese
  • Percilus ... item description for The Snake trading card
  • Boozerbear ... plural for Mr.Container
  • Lord Kick In The Butt for sending me his sewer turtle!
  • Sebine ... helped with plurals for turtles & items derived from turtle pheromones
  • Lord Kick In The Butt ... Permafrosty effect from Freezerburned ice cube
  • Nappa ... plural form of steamy ruby

List of stuff that does not grant a trophy

The following I have tried:

  • killing 500 vampires to get bottles of blood
  • committing suicide by reading awful poetry journal till I get beaten up

The following was taken from the forums:

  • 1000 lb of familiars
  • Taking 0 kill familiar through gash (softcore)
  • 5000 Shore trips
  • 1000 lb of familiars
  • Collecting 100 Clockwork Keys
  • Losing to bunny in the warren
  • Discarding up to 2112 maple leaves
  • Donate over 1 million meat to the collection collection
  • Complete run with only Doppleshifter
  • 101 Shore trips in Hardcore
  • Ascending from Hardcore without taking a skill
  • No PVP attacking for a year with Hippy Stone broken
  • Having 155 buffs at one time
  • Shrugging off a large amount of buff turns
  • Ascending without a familiar
  • Use no spleen items in HC Oxy
  • Beating NS naked
  • Lose fight to CLEESH’d monster
  • Don’t open Goodie Bag during run
  • No campground items in HC Oxy
  • Sell 1000 rat whiskers
  • Drink 100 extremely spicy bloody marys
  • 100 lbs of elemental gravy fairy
  • Have full campground gear
  • Having 99 fake hands equipped
  • Complete softcore run without pulling from Hagnk’s
  • Use rubber emo roe or whoopee cushion 100 times
  • Drop stats to 1 after defeating NS
  • Spending a ridiculous amount of time in Little Canadia
  • Making 100 bitchin’ meat cars
  • Eating 666 ghoul ghoulash
  • Taping black lotus 100 times (HCOxy)
  • Buying all gift shop items and putting them in DC (HCOxy)
  • Eating a deadly nightshade (HXOxy)
  • Hugging a giant stuffed bear 37 times (HCOxy)
  • Spending 100+ number of drunken adventures on non-St Sneaky Pete’s Day
  • Ingest 100 bottles of blood
  • Eat 11 Birthday Party Jellybean Cheesecakes
  • Get 100+ clovers from Hermit on clover day
  • Displaying every game item in display case (as of 4/20/06)
  • Perm all 5 elemental resistance skills
  • Getting every hardcore trophy, then level 15, and drops everything before freeing the king, after defeating the NS. (HCOxy)
  • ascending with a 20lb pet rock
  • Putting 1,000 goofballs in your DC doesn't result in a trophy
  • having 150 La Bamba adventures (30 days worth)

Spading The Super-Secret Canadian Mind-Control Device effects


  • Keep the conditions constant (equipment, buffs, familiar etc).
  • If there's an item gathering quest, make sure you don't collect them all before you finish your turns collecting data.
  • Set the SSCMCD to 11 and use up a set number of adventures.
  • Record all item drops, stat gains, and special adventures.
  • Set the SSCMCD to 0 and use an equal number of adventures.
  • Again, record all item drops, stat gains, and special adventures.
  • Repeat process over time, and see if pattern develops.

Results of 10 turns in The Bat Hole Entrance with Bounty Hunter quest to get pink bat eye

  • SSCMCD Setting 11

Meat: 337 Musc: 23 Myst: 20 Mox: 47 Quest Items: 5 pink bat eyes Reg. Items: 4 batgut, 2 Pine Fresh air freshener

  • SSCMCD Setting 0

Meat: 343 Musc: 14 Myst: 19 Mox: 29 Quest Items: 4 pink bat eyes

Reg. Items: 1 batgut, 1 Pine Fresh air freshener, 2 bat guano, 2 bat wing