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Collector's Score: 191 (71%)

Codsmack (#833872) is my main. He was created on March 15 back in 2006 after hearing about it from some friends. This account is a completionist account. Currently, I believe I have explored all but the speed run and casual forms of gameplay. I'm quite the collector, but I won't spend real money on my collection (though I do get IotM for actual use and park them in my collection when not actively using them). My collection is currently in the high 40s and I think I can make the top 20 without spending cash for the sole purpose of my collection (though I'll never catch my clannie Dr Evi1). I *love* familiars and hope to eventually have all of them (though, this will get absurdly expensive). Currently my single most desired in game object is the Tome of Snowcone Summoning. However, I will get the time suit before I buy that.

About alts: For a while, this was my only character but I have since created some alts (to deal with HCO turn limits and to assist with obtaining 1 of everything during times when you only get one of three options like Crimbo). I am not an abuser: I save up meat and purchase these things from my backup chars once able (UGH, untradable? What if I was in a HCO or otherwise couldn't drink to get the glowstick? Drop a run 15 days in to a 18 day run? Really?!?). Per advice from people in chat, I generally purchase from others than my alts when able, but by having them with my alt, I know I will have access to someone ready to trade it when I am.

On a similar note, I am curious about clan alts. Accounts such as clan bots and hodgman killers are liberally played around... as such, would it be abuse to take them into hobopolis? I hope that the Multi-Czar has this thought out in his equations (and I assume he does).

About clan: I am a proud member of My Spoon is Too Big. Most of my clan mates are real world friends. Recently, I was promoted within my clan due to my love of hobopolis. I also wrote a decent meat farming guide. If you are reading this and not in the clan, then the quick version is: pay attention to the market and sell items from new areas. Hopefully, I will do something cool like Dr Evi1's hatrack script or raid manager.

Due to some real life issues, I have dropped into obscurity for a few months a time in the past. This, and the date of account creation, have caused me to miss out on some trophies and items. To further complicate this, I have chosen not to drop some HCO or BM runs on various (in game) holidays and thereby missed out on some drops.

I do try to edit the Wiki with updates when able. I prefer to post references as these amuse me greatly. I also attempt to listen to podcasts (thanks stargazer! It is way too late to listen in person!). Unfortunately, I've not made a KOLCon yet.

Special thanks to: Chris - Time Helmet Lee - lots of meat and advice Dr Evi1 for being awesome DataVortex for advice and stuffs Medusa for a million meat during crimbo

Ascension History

I am in the middle of my 25th run. This my 21st Hardcore run and the third Boozetafarian. This is the 5th Seal Clubber run (because I need 3 total Stainless Steel Shillelaghs).

Note, the skills listed are best guesses through ascension 20. I am 100% sure of all the normal ascensions and some of the other earlier ones, but otherwise, I matched my skills with ascensions as well as I was able.
# Date Level Class Sign Adventures Days Hardcore Path Skill Taken
1 5/5/2006 12 Seal Clubber (none) 3,936 51 Normal None Double-Fisted Skull Smashing
2 6/20/2006 12 Accordion Thief The Blender 3,800 47 Hardcore Boozetafarian The Moxious Madrigal
3 7/30/2006 11 Disco Bandit The Wombat 1,753 41 Hardcore Oxygenarian Mad Looting Skillz
4 9/15/2006 11 Accordion Thief The Wombat 2,015 48 Hardcore Oxygenarian Torso Awaregness
5 1/16/2007 11 Sauceror The Platypus 2,232 124 Hardcore Oxygenarian Advanced Saucecrafting
6 2/21/2007 11 Seal Clubber The Wallaby 1,687 37 Hardcore Oxygenarian Lunging Thrust-Smack
7 3/17/2007 11 Seal Clubber The Mongoose 1,394 25 Hardcore Teetotaler Eye of the Stoat
8 4/13/2007 11 Turtle Tamer The Mongoose 1,276 28 Hardcore Oxygenarian Empathy of the Newt
9 5/5/2007 11 Turtle Tamer The Mongoose 1,353 23 Hardcore Teetotaler Amphibian Sympathy
10 6/8/2007 11 Pastamancer The Marmot 1,423 35 Hardcore Oxygenarian Leash of Linguini
11 6/24/2007 11 Disco Bandit The Blender 1,539 17 Hardcore Boozetafarian Advanced Cocktailcrafting
  NS13 below            NS13 below            NS13 below            NS13 below              
12 7/29/2007 13 Pastamancer The Opossum 2,837 36 Hardcore Teetotaler Pastamastery
13 9/6/2007 15 Sauceror The Mongoose 3,571 40 Hardcore Teetotaler Expert Panhandling
14 9/30/2007 13 Disco Bandit The Packrat 2,336 25 Hardcore Nimble Fingers
15 12/29/2007 16 Seal Clubber Bad Moon 4,055 91 Hardcore Bad Moon Pulverize
16 1/26/2008 13 Turtle Tamer Bad Moon 2,665 29 Hardcore Bad Moon
17 2/26/2008 14 Pastamancer Bad Moon 3,233 32 Hardcore Bad Moon Entangling Noodles
18 4/9/2008 15 Sauceror Bad Moon 3,507 44 Hardcore Bad Moon The Way of Sauce
19 4/30/2008 13 Disco Bandit Bad Moon 2,308 22 Hardcore Bad Moon Superhuman Cocktailcrafting
20 6/3/2008 13 Accordion Thief Bad Moon 2,175 35 Hardcore Bad Moon The Ode to Booze
21 11/8/2008 30 Disco Bandit The Packrat 26,117 159 Hardcore Ambidextrous Funkslinging
22 11/20/2008 15 Sauceror The Marmot 2,923 13 Normal Impetuous Sauciness
23 11/28/2008 13 Turtle Tamer The Wallaby 1,758 9 Normal Armorcraftiness
24 12/13/2008 15 Disco Bandit The Blender 2,983 16 Normal Really Expensive Jewelrycrafting


I started Hardcore early so I would not feel the pain of not having skills I had become accustomed too. This worked pretty well. Further, I did my Oxycore runs before I could make good foods or drinks. Now, I am working to complete some sets for Hobopolis and basement diving.

The full list is here.


I am very proud of my Tattoo collection. Currently, I believe I still have all of the Outfits needed to obtain those I have, though I am unsure this trend will continue as I'd like the Radio KOL and other tattoos that I do not believe I can afford to buy but could rent or borrow.

Hobopolis Boss Rewards

I love Hobopolis and am doing well. Hopefully, working with my clan of course, I'll be able to get a hamster soon. As this is a focus of my clan, I suspect I'll get this before I get the two arms that I need for my collection.


When I first started playing, on my very first run, I tried to get all of the familiars. Once I learned this would take multiple runs, I focused on completing my set. I think I've done well.


My trophies are on display. I don't think I will be hiding any for a while (except maybe lesser ones such as small boat while keeping large boat on display.


As with most new content, I like the NS13 changes. I wish I had been wise enough to ascend with a blackbird. If wishes were fishes right? Anyway, I'm doing well in getting some loot.


These are so cool! Probably this is because they are so hard to get.

Telescope.gif Telescope.gif Telescope.gif Telescope.gif Telescope.gif Telescope.gif Telescope.gif

Optimal Outfits

One Day, when I have time, I will add my outfits for:

general meat farming - general item farming - Specific item farming (such as underwater)

elemental resistances (for basementing) - increase HP (for basementing) - increase MP (for basementing) - increase <stat> (not for basementing)

Rollover non-Grim - Rollover Grim

Taking on Frosty

Display Case

As a collector, I take my display case seriously. I'm currently number #35 with unique items. Here is what I am missing. One Day, when I have time, I'll list out a breakdown of these items by Ultra Rares, IOTM, no longer attainable and things I should be able to get easily.

My working example is here.

Good Pulls from Hagnk's

One Day, when I have time, I'll list out my pulls from Hagnk's to assist with my Ascension Strategy. I intend to break this into first day pulls, pulls based on items or adventures received (such as getting the Hey Deze map) and other good pulls (by consumable or outfits or consumables).

Demon Names