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Proud member of Hardcore Nation


Hi! I'm christog (#663970) and I've been playing KoL since 2005. I live in Sweden and got introduced to KoL by a classmate. I didn't knew anyone else in Sweden that played KoL until this summer (2012).

I played HC from the start because of how the skill-perming worked in 2005. My first years was without a clan and I was collecting trophies, tattoos and familiars, but the game got boring so I joined the HCN clan.
I dived into the basement (mostly Hobopolis) and had fun again, I even got a new friend :P

My goals in KoL was trophies/tattoos/familiars, but I only miss the expensive ones now, so I'm going for all skills instead. I also try to get a lower daycount (6/1272 for HCNP and 5/1020 for HCBoris).

Rubik rules

When I've finished my turns for the day, I go to my closet to get the cubes. I can't leave a cube unsolved (or without a nice pattern), I just have to solve it. The cubes and other puzzles can keep me occupied for hours (like KoL...)


I have done some GM scripts to solve crimbo minigames, and I am probably the first one to edit the crimbo calendar tables every crimbo.