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Chawmp #1414457


Chawmp began his life in the Kingdom of Loathing on July 21, 2007. He knows of an older cousin who was once in KoL, but sadly does not remember his name. He does, however, know of a younger cousin, Aguero de Dios, who now also resides in KoL.

Starting out as a Turtle Tamer, Chawmp found this new world very intriguing. Upon ascension, however, he decided to bat for the other team and had a sex change along with adopting the Pastamancer way of life, ruling out booze forever. Upon his second triumph over the Naughty Sorceress, Chawmp felt like being a macho, macho man again. His sly tactics had gone unused for so long, he decided to become a Disco Bandit, also taking on the path of a Boozetefarian, pledging himself to become the most moxious drunk in history. Having enough of this sly way of life, Chawmp again switched gender roles and became a mighty Seal Clubber, buffing herself up by way of carbohydrates. This love of all things food turned Chawmp to a life of Saucering, hoping to find the perfect balance between food and booze.



Permanent Skills:

Armorcraftiness Torso Awaregness Advanced Cokctailcrafting Double-Fisted Skull Smashing


Seal Clubber Turtle Tamer Pastamancer Disco Bandit
1st Ascension 2nd Ascension 3rd Ascension 4th Ascension
Bugbear Costume Cloaca Cola Uniform Dyspepsi Cola Uniform eXtreme Cold-Weather Gear Filthy Hippy Disguise Frat Boy Ensemble Glad Bag Glad Rags Knob Goblin Elite Guard Uniform Knob Goblin Harem Girl Disguise
Mining Gear Black Armaments Swashbuckling Getup Yendorian Finery Crimborg Assault Armor Furry Suit Hot and Cold Running Ninja Suit War Hippy Fatigues Frat Warrior Fatigues


Familiar1.gif Kak Familiar2.gif O'Bailey Familiar3.gif Spud Familiar4.gif Lorenzo Familiar5.gif Jimini Familiar6.gif Lee Familiar7.gif Acadamia Familiar8.gif Aggie Familiar9.gif Juan Familiar10.gif Lupe Familiar11.gif Skeeter
Familiar12.gif Beret Familiar14.gif Jeeves Familiar15.gif Yen Familiar16.gif Ronald Familiar17.gif Starry Familiar20.gif Zed Familiar46.gif Aguero Wcb.gif Daffy Teddyborg.gif Mr. Wuffles Robogoose.gifUtopia


Brass Bowling Trophy Trophy Palindrophy


Yellow Moon of Compassion
Copper Alpha of Sincerity Pink Heart of Spirit
Order of the Silver Wossname