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Accordionthief f.gifThis is charm

...and this is not.Charm.gif

Yes, charm is yet another player in KoL. #325746. And she collects carob chunk noodles, because nobody else actually wants them. She used to be an Accordion Thief before ascension, but is now a Pastamancer. She still considers herself an accordion thief though, because she loved being one.

Now, to get the rest of those Clockwork keys...


-Accordion Thief
-collects carob chunk noodles
-from New York
-Domino (Leprechaun) has over 10,000 kills

Turns Played over 20,000
Account Created December 04, 2004
Favorite Food rat appendix chow mein
Favorite Booze perpendicular hula

Ascended June 9, 2005 to a Pastamancer!